Zoheb Hassan’s Disco Deewane, Aima Baig and PSL4

By Shazia Habib
February 16, 2019
2 minutes

Pakistani pop singer Zoheb Hassan has come down hard on the PSL 4 organizers over the use of his song Disco Deewane sung by singer Aima Baig in the PSL 4 Opening Ceremony.

The hugely popular song was a cross border hit as well, originally sung in 1981 by Nazia and her brother Zoheb Hassan. The music was composed by Zoheb himself. It reportedly became the best-selling Asian pop record to-date.

In a social media post, Zoheb said, “I was shocked to see that a reputable platform like PSL used our track Disco Dewaane without our prior permission. Outright infringement of intellectual property should be condemned … I am going to take a legal stand on this one!”

It was interesting to note that the internet had begun to respond both ways (as usual). Some fans sided with Zoheb and encouraged him to take a stand whilst others protested vehemently and asked him: “Where were you when India used the song in one of their films, many years ago?”

Right or wrong, Zoheb’s stance has opened up a huge debate on an issue that might become a hot topic in the music industry very soon – Copyright infringement. This is still a term that is not widely used or understood by the masses in Pakistan, or so it seems. Our music industry has come a long way in terms of talent and popularity, but are we paying heed to securing copyright protection laws for our industry artists? Should PSL have not been aware of the repercussions of not taking permission from the original music composer?

Having said that, emotions defy reason, (and the law) in a country as unique as Pakistan! Disco Deewane is a hugely popular and well-loved song in Pakistan. The nation has a soft corner for the sister-brother duo Nazia & Zoheb; one of the leading pioneers of pop music in the country. Hence, their songs, (by default), are considered national property by a qaum that is jazbaati about its cricketers AND its singers!

Therefore it is small wonder that fans remain divided on this one. As one fan commented on Zoheb’s post – “Let it go, everyone knows the song is yours. Can no one ever sing an Atif Aslam song on any other program? This is the norm and it happens in these kind of shows.”  – In other words, – JUST CHILL!

What happens now is anybody’s guess. Till then, just sit back and enjoy, khel deewaanon ka!



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