You know You’re a Chai-Fanatic If These 9 Things Make You Say: ‘OMG, I Thought I Was The Only One!’

By Maria Arif
November 5, 2017

If you’re as obsessed with chai as I am, this perhaps is the most relatable piece you will have read all your life. And I kid you not.

1. Drinks Anyone? Chai Please! – Music To My Ears

Every time you’re asked politely: ‘Would you like something to drink?’…By default, you literally scream out the words in sheer excitement, ‘Chai please!’ You have to make minimal effort, as the phrase simply rolls off your tongue, unchecked, entirely of its own accord. You will also often find yourself wondering and hoping if you’ll be offered tea when you visit someone’s home or office; it’s almost as if your ears crave to hear the words.

2. There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Chai – Tea Time Is So Underrated

One cup of tea a day is so lame – it’s not even a thing. It’s almost an insult to chai and all the chai-lovers out there. If you really want to experience the wonderful goodness of chai and truly encapsulate what chai is all about, you need to keep drinking tea every day, and not once, not twice, but thrice. Four won’t hurt either!

3. That Much-Awaited ‘Aaaaahhh’ After Each Sip -Wait For It

Admit it, there’s nothing more pleasurable and satisfying than that first sip of your chai after which you let out a long ‘aaaaahh’ only to be followed by the second sip, and the cycle repeats itself. Only a true chai-lover can experience that ‘aaaaahh’ feeling and truly comprehend what that first sip does to your soul.

4. There Is No Perfect Time For Chai – I Will Drink It Whenever I Want

Morning, afternoon, evening or night. Your taste buds can demand tea at any point during the day and you must do nothing less than feeding them fresh chai. Am or Pm, you don’t care and it does not matter. A chai-lover’s gotta do what a chai-lover’s gotta do!

5. Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed? – ‘NO! I Missed My Morning Tea!’

Missing that freshly brewed, steaming cup of morning tea is your absolute worst nightmare! Your friends at school and colleagues at the office label you cranky and an attention-seeker, but perhaps, they will never understand what it is like for a chai-lover to miss their first cup of tea. It actually kick-starts their morning.

6. Tea Gone Cold Makes You Cringe – A Tea Lover’s Nightmare

There are times when you’re so busy with work that you actually disregard that steaming cup of evening tea, lying there on your desk, waiting for you. By the time you get done and you realize you haven’t even started your evening chai session; you drop everything, lie back, close your eyes, lift that cup to your mouth, and take that very first sip. You prepare yourself to be teleported to a chai-fantasy-world and then…all hell breaks loose. That hopeful smile and those gleaming eyes vanish into thin air and you cringe so hard that you almost feel your face rupture. Cold tea is so NOT on. Period.

7. Nothing Tastes Better Than Dunking That Biscuit In Your Tea – An Undying Love

Forget sandwiches and pastries for tea; biscuits are the boss! If there’s anything that goes perfectly well with chai, it is those biscuits. There will be times when you dunk your biscuit in the tea and are too late to take it out. The bottom half of the biscuit will collapse into the tea, and as it swims in the cup, you will hate yourself at that moment but your love for chai and biscuits will never die.

8. Bored At 2am? – Let’s Make Tea!

It is certainly not uncommon or a surprise for you to be making tea at odd hours. If I, being a chai-freak can wake up in the middle of the night when the clock reads 4am and begin to brew a fresh cup of tea with groggy eyes, I believe you can, too.

9. Did Someone Say ‘I Hate Tea?’ – Practice The Eye-Roll On Them

You obviously cannot stand people who don’t drink tea and that’s just more than fair. How can people not love chai?! It is probably one of the best things that could happen to us! Now obviously, you understand, just like there are coffee and green tea haters, there will be chai-haters too. But you, as a chai-obsessed-person find it very hard to come to terms with that reality. Especially when that humble cup of chai has been with you through thick and thin.

Have a writer’s block? Getting stressed out lately? Need a companion? Just drink chai…when you see us chai-lovers contemplating the day away, langurously savoring every sip, we’re not wasting time. We’re simply giving our brains a brilliant kick-start to get the creativity streak rolling in, soothing away the worries and stresses, and just thanking God for blessing us with something as ethereal as Chai!


About Maria Arif

Maria, currently an undergrad has been involved with Dar-ul- Sukoon as well as her own Non-profit start up: Unfolding Lives. Although writing is her dream, and she wants her words to weave an emotional spell over her readers, Maria not only plans to publish a book, but also become a fitness trainer and acquire culinary skills!