Naila Naqvi – Woman of Substance

By Dr. Ramsha Hussain
March 30, 2019
1 minute

One thing we can teach Pakistani men?

Only one? They’re too many for me to narrow it down to one. – Replies Naila, tongue in cheek!


Naila Naqvi is winning hearts and changing concepts, one dessert at a time. She is the brain behind ‘Pie in the Sky’, ‘Chatterbox’ and ‘Chatterbox Deli’. Naila is definitely setting trends in the Bakery scene where she has successfully introduced the concept of Bakery cafes in Pakistan. Women entrepreneurs can look up to her as a spirited role model. We sat down to talk to this amazing ‘Woman of Substance to ask her about Women, Men, and more!

What does Women’s Day mean to you?

As far as I’m concerned every day should be Women’s Day. One day is just not enough to celebrate our amazing strengths and achievements.

One thing Western women can teach Asian women (Or vice versa).

I think each culture has its own strengths and we should just focus on those.

One hardship you faced in your path to success.

Every path has its own difficulties and tribulations but I think just tackling each one head-on is the best way of overcoming them.

One thing you would do, if you were a man for a day.

Wish I was a woman!

One thing we can teach Pakistani men.

Only one? They’re too many for me to narrow it down to one.

Fill in the blanks, A woman’s place is…

A woman’s place is “wherever she wants it to be”

A song that describes you best

Can’t really think of any just now…

Naila Naqvi plays her strengths to achieve her goals in life – baking is her passion so she set her mind to spreading the joy of delicious goodness all across the city. Her no nonsense attitude towards work serves as an inspiration to Pakistani women to pursue their passion and achieve their goals through consistency, dedication, and hard work.


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