Faiza Saleem – Woman of Substance!

By Dr. Ramsha Hussain
March 5, 2019
2 minutes

Faiza Saleem is a lawyer turned comedian – She is challenging stereotypes set by society for women in Pakistan. There’s so much to love about her, perhaps the fact that she makes us laugh is the best! The subtle criticism of societal mores through comedy in her YouTube videos (Faiza Saleem Official)  is the perfect approach to raise awareness. Faiza is the first female social media entertainer who was brave enough to pursue stand-up comedy in Pakistan. In a country that thrives on the idea of ‘protecting’ their women, and the roles they play in public spheres, Faiza Saleem is a breath of fresh air, some wholesome giggles and loads of fun! She has also trained and led the first all-female comedy troupe – ‘The Khawatoons’!

Faiza Saleem, Women's Day

We decided to ask Faiza what she thinks about Women’s Day and here is what she had to say!

What does Women’s Day mean to you?

A day to celebrate with my troupe and lots of other women. We get to talk about the things that affect our everyday lives throughout the year. It’s very liberating.

One thing Western women can teach Asian women (Or vice versa).

I think all women have something to learn from each other, whether its Western women or Asian women. We can all gain inspiration from each other’s struggles, inspirations, and world view. It is important to understand that all women are different and each one has a story to tell that that the other should listen to and learn from.

Your female role model in current times.

So many women around me! My mother, my mother in law, my sisters and friends. They’re all role models because of their resilience in difficult times and how they juggle multiple roles so well.

Faiza Saleem. Women's day

One hardship you faced in your path to success.

My own anxiety. I worry too much and I’m an over-thinker. Half the time I’m mulling over things that aren’t even important in the long term.

One thing you would do, if you were a man for a day.

I’d have a heart to heart with the women around me to truly get to know what it means to be in their shoes.

One thing we can teach Pakistani men.

To not generalize all women. It’s so common for Pakistani men to make jokes about their wives and other women around them based on their own ideas of what women are like.

Fill in the blanks, A woman’s place is…

In wherever she feels the safest.

A song that describes you best

‘I’m Every Woman’ by Chaka Khan

Faiza Saleem is living life on her own terms.  Due to her individuality, strong personality, and challenging demeanour, Faiza is inspiring millions of women to live their lives as they want! She recently celebrated her wedding with a healthy dose of dhoom, dance and live comedy. We wish the happy couple a blissful life together with lots of laughter and love.



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