Winter Colors – Our Top 5 Picks from Winter Palettes 2018/2019

By Falak Amaar Khan
December 3, 2018

Winter Colors are here and so are we, with our Top 5 Color Picks!

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Winters are here and the experts have given their verdict on which winter color palettes will be used and seen widely in mainstream fashion in 2018/2019.

While we give you our Top 5 Color Picks for this Winter, we decided to go a step further and add a 4th dimension by showing you how to add a 2nd. color to keep it interesting and … really SMASH the look! Take a look at the looks that aim to WOW us this season. Go ahead and be brave, and make them your very own!

Pantone Institute experts have announced the list of trendy shades for the season that can be used in a business or casual closet.

“Colors for Fall/Winter 2018 express our need for individuality, ingenuity and creativity. There is a continued transition away from cyclical trends, and instead a strong focus on self-expressive colours that evade antiquated seasonal structure” – Pantone Color Institute

Our Top 5 Winter Colors are the brighter shades from the palette to add to your wardrobe. Express yourself this season and be bold with colors!


A beautiful intense dark burgundy. It looks incredibly deep and luxurious in formals and casual winter wear. We have paired a French crepe silk top from NEXT or this Silk shirt from ZARA Singapore with this Tote from Charles & Keith which are ideal for wear during the day and with a bit of accessorizing will take you through to an evening out.

Smash the Look

Wear Red Pear with a Tan Scarf and these Statement Tassel Earrings. Keep it subtle yet there, with this Woven Gold Cuff


A bright, space blue. Nebulas Blue is ideal for an autumn coat or jacket, jeans, trousers, skirts, blazers and suit. This suit from ZARA or this versatile dress from NEXT are a perfect example of work wear vs party wear. And whether you work hard or party hard, add these Blue pointy boots to your wardrobe as a treat.

Smash the Look

Nebulas Blue is so bright and bold. Wear it with a Silver Clutch and this under-stated yet elegant Silver Choker and matching Bracelet to completely smash the look.


The brightest shade yet which mimics the fallen autumn leaves. This color will be excellent on all fabrics. If you want to add a pop of color to your all-black outfit, this bag from ZARA is your perfect pick. Or brighten up your denim with this Tee from NEXT. You can also slip into these comfy yet stylish Orange Block heels and you’ll instantly feel that spring in your step.

Smash the Look

Wear Russet Orange with this Blue Fleece Wrap Coat, delicate yet stylish Hoops, and an under-stated anklet to set a whole new trend!


A pure purple hue, deep and soft, brings royalty to mind. Silky and luxurious, this warm, fuzzy sweater from ZARA gives the harsh winters a soft feel. Get cosy in your favourite blanket, and slip on these luxuriously soft mules from NEXT when you have friends over for a late night in.

Smash the Look

Wear Ultra Violet with this White Cape. Keeping it simple, these stylish studs and this fashionable ring is perfect with the comfy “chic at home” look.


A moderate and faded grey shade, yet bright and soft, that fits perfectly with any outfit. This will complement your look in a classic or sporty style. We are in love with this coat from Zara. Pair it with these fancy boots or for a more formal look, wear these funky heeled pumps from Charles and Keith.

Smash the Look

Wear Quiet Grey with this Blush Tie-back sweater. The long silver and pinkish Rhodium Necklace is just right to bring this look together. Jazz it up with this statement cocktail ring and smash the look!

Have you got our Top 5 Winter Colors in your wardrobe? You’ll find most if not all of these colors in stores NOW. Step out and pick your favourites. Remember to ‘Smash the Look’ with our color coordinates & accessories to step up the glam quotient this season!

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