5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Bohemian – A Fair for Creatives

By Rabia Mughni
March 27, 2019
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Spring is here and it’s time to refresh, reboot and restock your homes with the season’s best! What better time to visit a Craft Fair than NOW! Bohemian started as a small pop up in 2014, limiting unconventional displays to 12 stalls. Today it plays host to a Spring Craft Fair catering to 90 participants. Shoppers can enjoy beautiful handmade gifts varying from home decor, fashion accessories, paper crafts, wood art, and more.

Here are 5 reasons why you must visit the Bohemian Fair on Sunday 7th at Royal Rodale.

1. Looking for something ‘Different”?

If you are like us and tired of visiting the SAME stores with the SAME products that everyone uses: be they cushion covers, table runners, jewelry shoes, or clothes, Bohemian’s got you covered. If you want to buy something that 40 other people don’t have, that you won’t find in stores, and that is handmade with love, then Bohemian is the fair for you. This year Bohemian features 35 new participants. You will find beautiful, creative and unique handmade products at the Fair. These products are not manufactured on an assembly line, the focus is on design and creativity. From stylish door hangers, to personalized felt bags to hand-printed ceramic dishes, organic soaps, aromatherapy, trendy block-printed kurtas and shawls … you will be spoilt for choice. The problem? What NOT to buy might be one of yours!

2. Looking for a Family Affair?

It’s a place where children and moms both will have a great time. The stalls stock items that children will love to explore and don’t cost much either. This is your go-to place for some funky arts & crafts, stationery and color fun. This is one place where the children can have a treat and a fun shopping experience while moms get a chance to visit the stalls that grab their attention.

Fun Alert:

This time, Pop Slime Pk will also be participating in the fair. Pop Slime is a slime venture by two tweens to create slime that looks good, smells yum, and is a whole lot of fun! There is also a food and yummy sweets surprise.

TINA will be catering to some mouthwatering sugar craft for the first time.

Seductions, who make homemade oven fresh products, (also recipient of The Guild Award), will be present with some sweet treats.

Mama June will present their signature pan balls, and newly launched items!

A host of fun stalls to explore while snacking on delicious eats is a perfect way to spend Sunday afternoon!

3. Looking for Attractive, Practical, Unique and Affordable Gifts?

With summers just around the corner, you are either planning your trip for summer vacations or, preparing to host guests during summer holidays. In both cases, you will need gifts for your friends and family. If you don’t want to gift the same old Khaadi or Sana Safinaz kurta, then head to Bohemian. You can pick up handmade bags, clutches, room decorative items, lamps, hand painted serving ware, pretty jewelry boxes, hand-printed scarves, beautiful truck art items, customized jewelry, crochet items … need we say more?

4. Looking to Support The Local Crafts Scene? 

The Bohemian Fair not only provides a platform for creative minds, but also highlights the work done by lesser known and underprivileged individuals in our society. There will be work on display by members of Mera Hunar Meri Pehchaan … some of whom are differently-abled. Bohemian, and every one who is a part of the fair, including the shoppers – i.e. YOU, contributes towards a community effort to encourage people who may not have the best means to express or market themselves.  You might visit Rohmina’s stall – she is slightly hearing impaired and cannot speak fluently. Rohmina expresses herself through her work and the colors she uses to create her craft. You will get a chance to support these talented and well-deserved individuals by visiting the fair, and also by buying some truly unique products.

5. Looking for Some Awesome Crafts?

Some stalls to look forward to:

Awe inspiring Calligraphic and Lettering art

Eco friendly, plastic free everyday items and skincare

Paintings by Amjad
Stunning calligraphy and oil paintings that are too beautiful to resist

The World of Art
Mind-blowing paintings by a hearing impaired artist, Aliza Munim Kazi

Firefly is back after a 1.5 year hiatus with new launches, new designs and a whole lot of color & quirk. The forecast is whimsical with a chance of rainbows!

Passion Gallery
Gorgeous illumination and Islamic calligraphy art

Pop Slime Pk
A venture by two tweens in creating slime which looks good, smells yum, and is a whole lot of fun!

And there you have it. Bohemian is bringing a host of products that can add that special “feel-good’ factor to your shopping experience. Browse, shop, snack and ‘make a day of it’ with family and friends, and while you do all that, support local crafts on a Sunday afternoon!

Bohemian – A Fair for Creatives is happening on Sunday 7th April 2019 from 1-8 pm at Royal Rodale.

Browse here for a sneak peak into some of the ‘handmade love’ you might discover at The Bohemian:

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