Why I Love Rome

By Sheema Sultan
September 27, 2017

For the past few years I have been so focused on making a single dream come true that I started losing myself in the process. I forgot that I had other interests, thoughts and goals. I forgot that there is no better feeling than being inspired as it keeps you motivated to step outside your comfort zone. Sometimes our inner creativity springs forth due to exposure to new surroundings, history and culture.This is one of the reasons I fell in love with Rome.

 As cheesy as it sounds there is something so magical about Rome, that it gave me butterflies in my stomach. This vibrant city made me feel alive and refreshed. It made me connect with myself again. It inspired me to explore my creative side and pick up my camera again. So if you’re planning a trip to Rome, let me show you how to fall hopelessly in love with a city that boosts passion, art, history, and beautiful people (if you’re a woman, listen up)!

Experience True History – Walk In Caesar’s Footsteps
History, history and history! From a legacy, which goes back to almost 2000 years, you can feel the grandeur of the Flavian Dynasty when you visit the Colosseum. When you walk through the streets of the old city you feel elated as you realize that once upon a time historical legends like Julius Caeser, Augustus and Constantine used to tread these streets. If you are an art and history buff the city will feed your heart and soul.

Be Brave & Get Lost – Don’t Use Google Maps To Explore the Real Rome
If you wander off away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist sites, you will get the feel of the ‘real Rome’ (colourful old buildings, charming balconies, tiny streets) and will discover authentic Italian restaurants. You will even get a chance to mingle with the locals. The little alleys and side streets in Rome are a joy to explore.

Meet Disturbingly Handsome & Stylish Italian Men-Come For The Sight Seeing, You Might Just Stay For The Men!
The eyes, the stubble, the dark skin tones, the high cheekbones say it all! Rome is an outstanding destination for women as there is tons of eye-candy peppering the streets. Italian men are disturbingly handsome and charming as hell! Easy on the eyes, these men have style and fashion running through their DNA. You will feel inspired and exhilarated when surrounded by these beautiful creatures!

Visit The Sistine Chapel – Michelangelo Is Not Just For History Buffs
If the men weren’t enough to lure you, Michelangelo will! I had studied Michelangelo and his work for Art History in college, but nothing, and I mean nothing, could have prepared me for the grandeur of The Sistine Chapel. It is without a doubt, the most awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping artworks that I have ever seen in my life. The Sistine Chapel is Italy’s greatest treasure and a must-see.

Dine On Italian Food-Taste The Real Thing – Go Trastevere
Intense sight-seeing definitely works up an appetite! And Rome is the place to be when craving the best in gastronomical pleasures. Surprisingly, Italy has a fairly low obesity rate as compared to other European countries. The most fundamental point of Italian food is that everything is made from scratch; hence it’s real, wholesome and fresh. It’s important to escape the touristy areas and dine at authentic Italian restaurants. Trastevere – one of my favorite neighborhoods in Rome has great restaurants and foodie joints.

Indulge Yourself With Gelato at Fatamorgana!
Rome is all about indulgences and in my life there is always room for dessert even if it’s right after a carb-loaded meal. Gelato, the Italian, lighter and tastier version of ice cream is too tempting to resist. You really need to have the willpower of a saint to ignore the aroma of freshly-made waffle cones because in Rome they are everywhere. With Gelato shops all over Rome, be careful about artificial knock-offs, big puffy, bright neon colors might look tempting but it’s usually whipped up with chemicals and preservatives. My personal favorite is a local chain Fatamorgana, (it would be best to ignore the first three letters of that name). With shops all over Rome it’s easily accessible to tourists.

Visit The Temples – Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, And It Has The Architecture To Prove It!
Rome is one of the most famous cities in the world in terms of landmarks and monuments. From ancient ruins, temples and basilicas, the city has it all! You really don’t need a background in art and design to appreciate the striking architecture in Italy. Highly influenced by ancient Greek architecture, Romans were great innovators and adopted unique construction and design techniques, which has greatly inspired modern architecture.

Lounge In The Piazzas & Drink Cappuccinos – When In Rome, Do As the Romans Do.
Imagine sitting in an outdoor cafe, sipping frothy cappuccino surrounded by inspiring architecture, fountains and live music! There is nothing more relaxing than hanging out at a piazza and unfortunately so many tourists miss out on this truly Roman activity. My personal favorite was Piazza Navona and Piazza di Santa Maria simply because of their authentic and aesthetic appeal.

Be At The Colosseum At Night – Experience The Grandeur When No One’s Watching!
This ancient structure is beautiful and mysterious during the day as well, but the swarms of tourists can distract you from its beauty and history. I loved the charm and tranquility of the Colosseum at night. Most of my evenings were spent hanging around this spectacular amphitheater.

I know my love affair with traveling is here to stay and there will be more beautiful cities and adventures but I know in my heart that no city will ever match the chaos, elegance and awe-inspiring beauty of Rome.

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About Sheema Sultan

Sheema is the founder and co-owner of CORE Gym in Pakistan. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication Design as well as numerous certifications in fitness and health. She specialises in Spinning, HIIT and boot-camps. She is also passionate about Photography, and travelling offers her a chance to explore her love for street and portrait photography. Sheema confesses that 'Travelling is food for my soul, it inspires and keeps me motivated'. She wants to share this passion and wanderlust with FUCHSIA readers! She would love to manage her dessert cravings better. 'Retail therapy doesn't work for me, says Sheema. 'I prefer spending money on experiences.' She lives by the motto: 'Life is too short to blend in!'