What Is Clean Eating?

By Sujata Din
January 22, 2018

What is Clean Eating? 

It’s about eating whole natural foods that are as close to their natural state as you can get them.  This means avoiding processed and pre-packaged foods that are full of additives and preservatives.   When we buy packaged foods, they tend to be high in sugar, salt and fat.  When we make them at home we use real ingredients and are aware of what has been added into it.


For instance, when you make your energy balls, you are not adding any preservatives in them and you use fruit or natural sweetener to prepare to your own taste buds.  I find that it’s an eye opener when you add in sugar, so you begin to use less of it.  Also, I find when you marinate chicken and cook it, you don’t need to have additional oils as the chicken releases its own fats.  It’s all these simple changes that when done over time begin to result in weight loss, improved digestion and increased energy.


Don’t worry, as during the three days of clean eating you won’t go hungry and as there are so many food choices you will be spoilt for choice!  You will be eating your three regular meals and can still have your snacks as this is not a diet where we deprive ourselves, but one where we enjoy foods to fuel us.


You may be thinking ‘Do I need to do this as I already eat clean?’

Most of us (including me) think we eat clean all the time, but it’s only when we begin to track what we are doing do we truly know what we are eating or drinking.  I often ask my clients to do this one simple exercise – to keep a journal. And that’s when they begin to see what they are actually eating.


What this FREE 3 Day Clean Eating includes?

You are provided with recipes plus a shopping list, so it takes away the stress of knowing what to eat and what to buy.  Once you are prepared and stocked up, you can begin straight away.  Also, you can create your own planner and use your own recipes too.


What Are The Benefits Of Clean Eating?

After 3 days of eating clean you will begin to feel lighter and energized.  You will notice these changes because you are eating real foods to fuel you through the day.


I cannot promise major shifts or long-lasting results as it is being done only for 3 days.  But I would like you to carry on eating clean and by doing it over a longer period, you will experience further results.


So, let’s get started! If you’ve already signed up for The FUCHSIA 3 Day Clean Eating Program, then you will receive or have already received your Clean Eating Grocery List. Any diet plan requires us to be prepared with the right ingredients in stock, and this list will help prepare you for the 3-day Clean Eating Plan. Happy shopping!


If you haven’t signed up yet, then email us at info@fuchsia.com.sg NOW for your FREE 3 Day Clean Eating Plan which includes grocery lists, recipes and tips! And if you have any queries regarding the Clean Eating Grocery List, please email us at info@fuchsia.com.sg and Sujata will be happy to answer your questions.









About Sujata Din

Sujata Din is a Certified Holistic Health Coach based in Singapore. Sujata assists clients all over the world through individual face-to-face consultation, as well as consultation over Skype, telephone and Email. She equips clients with tools, information and strategies that lead them to better health, higher energy levels and, ultimately, a happier disposition. On top of individual consultations, Sujata conducts workshops on nutrition, cooking demonstrations and pantry overhauls.