Weird Food Combos: What Do You Eat When No One’s Watching?

By Maria Arif
October 22, 2017

Weird Food Combos – What do YOU eat when no one’s watching???

We all have guilty pleasures. For some, it might be singing in the loo or stalking themselves on social media and for others, it could very well be pairing rice with fruit and experimenting with weird combinations of food. If you fall in the latter category, you ought to know of these 6 weird food combinations that people indulge in behind closed doors…and perhaps, you do too (???)

1. Lays and Sandwich OR Lays KA Sandwich

Since Lays is all about ‘more air and less chips’, you might as well make a sandwich of the few Lays crisps that you do find in the near-to-empty packet. You will often find people eating a sandwich with layers of crisps sandwiched between the bread slices because they love adding a crispy element to their soft and mushy sandwiches. And if they don’t have a chicken or cheese filling at hand, no worries, make a Lays sandwich and you’re good to go! I have to admit, weird food combo or not – it’s actually quite delicious (guilty as charged).

2. Ketchup and…Everything!

If you’re anything like me, pairing ketchup with fries, burgers, pizzas and sandwiches is the norm. The mere thought of pairing ketchup with any other food is absolutely repulsive. But the thing is, not everyone’s like us and not everyone shares the same taste buds. At the other end of the spectrum, you will discover people who simply adore this red tomato sauce and if they could, they would choose to survive on ketchup alone! They’ll pull out that ketchup bottle to generously season eggs, Maggi Noodles, rice, and any other food group that takes their fancy. Weird food combo number 2 is NOT my cup of tea!

3. Pineapple and Pizza

Regardless of how universally famous or loved this food combination is, pineapple and pizza is just a big NO in my books! This might hurt a lot of sentiments, but for me, layering pineapples over pizzas simply ruins the true essence of a pizza. Those sweet, crunchy pineapple chunks making their way into your mouth through all that cheese and chicken…ugh! Sounds disgusting and tastes even worse. Period.

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4. Mango and Roti

As if pairing Aam ka ras with rice wasn’t weird enough, people are now feasting on mangoes with roti as an afternoon or evening delicacy. The fact that Mango is the ‘king of fruits’ remains true and should be respected – it is just so delicious on its own. One simply cannot mess with a Mango and turn it into a weird food combo! Those sweet, mushy Mango chunks combined with the savory roti is just, sorry to say, plain cringe-worthy. (No hard feelings all you mango-roti lovers).

5. Fries and Melted Chocolate

We’re all ardent chocolate lovers. Chocolate is food of the Gods, to be loved and savoured in any shape, brand or colour. We also cannot live without fries, despite how much they might contribute to our calorie count. However-chocolate and potatoes together? In a single mouthful? Recently, an image of french fries drizzled with melted chocolate popped up on my social media feed. The only thing that supposedly ‘tempting’ picture generated within me was sheer nausea. However, all hell broke loose for others who went gaga over this sweet and savoury image. I would go so far as to say that this weird food combo, ‘just made them lose their minds’… (out of temptation, of course).

6. Haleem and Chawal

Haleem-a delicious stew, typically composed of meat, lentils and wheat, originated in Hyderabad. It tastes best when eaten on its own or when paired with a hot, crispy naan/tandoor ki roti. However, there will always be some who will ruin your plate of perfection (read: Haleem), by devouring it with chawal (rice). This food combination is just weird, if anything at all. However, I have to admit that while many like me are completely bumfuzzled by the idea of mixing Haleem with rice, others absolutely love it and there’s not much you or I can do about it!

If all these bizarre ‘food combos’ are alien to you, or if you’re curious to taste the ‘weird’ and find out what all the hype is about, then next time you hit the kitchen, make sure you dip your fries in chocolate and drizzle some ketchup all over that egg! You won’t be the first to indulge in some of the best kept secrets of the Food World.


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