5 Reasons Why Aangan Should Be On Netflix

By Rabia Mughni
December 31, 2018
3 minutes

Aangan Might Be Coming On Netflix and We Think That’s GOOD News!

Fans have been waiting eagerly for Aangan the drama, but to their utmost disappointment, Aangan will not be released on YouTube. Last week HUM TV officially announced that “You can watch Aangan ONLY on your TV screens”.

This caused an uproar amongst a jazbaati Aangan fan base camp: some fans are VERY angry,  some can’t stop crying, some are still in a state of shock, and some are just … speechless!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know why Aangan is drawing heavy viewer sentiments, bordering on the obsessive. This is mainly due to a fully-loaded star cast (Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly onscreen would make most fans hopping crazy, remember YKS?), a captivating storyline, and cinematography that takes your breath away.

However, all does not seem lost as rumors emerged that HUM TV is in talks to selling the drama-screening rights of Aangan, to the one and only NETFLIX!

Here are 5 reasons we think it’s a great decision to NOT air Aangan on YouTube and why we should watch it on NETFLIX instead:

1. NETFLIX is the present and future, so why not

Netflix has managed to woo Hollywood stars and produce original films that are giving the box office a run for their money. The recent Netflix original Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock is grossing higher than any movie released in cinemas currently (45 million Netflix accounts watched Bird Box in its first week). Plus, Netflix brings these films into our living rooms. We can grab a bowl of popcorn and watch at leisure; once, twice, multiple times, and pause the film when we want to!

2. NETFLIX guarantees more exposure, hence a bigger international market for Pakistani dramas … Not Just Indian and South Asian but far beyond these borders

Expats living across the world gain access to our multi-talented productions, and since Netflix also offers English subtitles, imagine an entry into the foreign market which opens an entirely new dimension, and endless possibilities for our drama and film industry.

3. Aangan on Netflix will pave the way for better and newer Pakistani content on NETFLIX in future

We are already far behind other countries in producing content for NETFLIX . This step is crucial to giving us a much-needed foot-in-the-door to a market that is still wide open and growing; perhaps this is the beginning of many more firsts. As HUM TV takes the lead, others will follow. What’s more, we might have an entire genre of Pakistani dramas devoted to Netflix. How proud would you feel as a Pakistani to live in an age when that finally happens!

4. We are hoping to watch a Pakistani based NETFLIX original very, very soon

Netflix commands global presence. A partnership in the making will mean we open doors to fresh talent, a new market and quality content. The competition on Netflix means that only the BEST content will be aired. This way, producers might be pushed to give their quality best, mediocre will not be an option as viewers – YOU – will decide which dramas are binge-worthy. And this means the best of Pakistani content will be produced AND get international exposure, in essence, placing the Pakistani drama industry on the world map!

5. By watching Aangan on Netflix, we help support our local industry and pay for quality content

Just like we buy a ticket at the cinema to support our film industry, just like we support our music industry when we download songs on official music apps, we will do the same for our drama productions. When we watch Pakistani dramas on Netflix, we generate more revenue for our drama industry. This eventually translates into better pay scales for all those involved in bringing us the shows we love! And of course, it means our drama industry can progress more rapidly and continue giving us more and better content! A win-win situation for everyone!

Aangan with its strong cast, vintage sets and a historical storyline, is just the right drama to initiate the Netflix journey, to win viewer confidence and ensure that future PAKISTANI content will get a launching pad, and an eager audience.

Kuch paanay kay liye kuch khona perta hai …

For the greater good, fans will have to make this compromise and agree to NOT watch Aangan on YouTube. At the end of the day, this might not be a compromise after all!

This show is trending on Netflix just now! Read the review here.


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