7 Things to Do On Your Big Fat Greek Holiday!

By Sabena Mufti
February 6, 2019
2 minutes

Greece – The Vacation That Stays With You

A visit to Greece offers travelers the opportunity to view the stunning landscapes, trek to historic ruins and relax on warm beaches. Those picture postcard scenes of blue skies, bluer seas and whitewashed villages are everywhere. The nation’s terrain is just as varied as its architectural heritage. Idyllic beaches, towering mountain ranges, wine producing valleys, vast stretches of olive orchards in the south and lush forests in the North. Greece’s historical sights are just as varied. The country is packed with just as many medieval churches and castles as classical ruins and temples.


1. Soak in the architecture at the Acropolis in Athens

Greece has one of the richest cultural histories in the world and no visit to Greece is complete without exploring some of the famous sites such as the Acropolis. It is located in Athens and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance.

2. Relive history among the Ruins of Delphi – The sanctuary that housed the priestess

Another must-see site is the Ruins of Delphi dating back to 1400 B.C, known best as the sanctuary which housed the priestess who was said to have delivered the word of Apollo.

3. Browse the Central Market in Athens

While in Greece be sure to visit one of the many street markets, the most popular one being the central market in Athens.


4. Plan an island escape to beautiful Santorini and Mykonos

A holiday in Greece conjures up images of idyllic islands, long sandy beaches, sun-bleached ruins and turquoise blue sea. But with miles and miles of mainland coastline and over 1,000 islands (no one is really sure how many there are – even those numbers vary), of which 227 are inhabited. The Cyclades of which the most popular are Santorini and Mykonos.

Santorini is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. It is famous for dramatic views and stunning sunsets, and naturally its very own active volcano. The beaches here are made up of black, red and white lava pebbles.

The island of Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands, the Ibiza of Greece as it is called, is particularly famous for the picturesque town and the fantastic beaches.

5. Roam the golden beaches in Skiathos

Skiathos is among the most popular islands of Greece. Famous for golden beaches, green nature and a vivid atmosphere. Skiathos is a favourite destination for both youth and families.

6. Feel the vibe at the Bay of Koukounaries with its many bars, restaurants and more beaches

The most popular beaches are located on the southern side of the island, including the famous bay of Koukounaries. The action centers around Skiathos towns, where the bars and restaurants spill on to the sidewalks along the harbour and Papadiamanti street.

7. Sing along with Mamma Mia under the open skies  at the Skiathos Open Air Cinema

The successful Hollywood movie, Mamma Mia was partially filmed here. It’s a treat to watch in the original setting and open air ambience. We’ve been told it plays 3 times a week. Do watch if you find time to abandon the island life in your Greek escape!

The Best Time to Visit

Whether you are planning to explore the islands, admire ancient ruins or hit the beaches, the best time to visit Greece is spring and early summer (mid April to mid June) or autumn (September to October). This way you will avoid the summer high season, with its inflated prices, hordes of tourist and super high temperatures with heat waves of +40C. The Greeks love to party, so it should be no surprise that there are celebrations happening nearly every month of the year.

Greece is a fantastic country that offers everything from gorgeous beaches and breathtaking islands to culture and endless history as well as delicious food and friendly locals. It’s one of the more affordable places to visit in Europe. When price meets beauty, … , don’t miss out on this opportunity … you gotta go!


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