7 Questions About The Viral Selfie That Rocked the Indian Media

By Shazia Habib
January 11, 2019
3 minutes

Ranveer Singh’s Star Studded Selfie with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going viral on the net but we have a few questions

This selfie went viral in India within minutes of it going on the net, but we have a few lingering questions on our mind.

Yesterday, a delegation of Indian film stars met with Prime Minister Modi over the Indian Film Industry’s participation and contribution to nation building. But the immediate outcome of the meeting was THIS Selfie that took the internet by storm. Once Mr. Karan Johar posted it to his Twitter feed. the selfie has been shared multiple times online and gained viral status. As we gaze into the dreamy depths of Karan Johar’s bespectacled eyes (who, incidentally, was one of the main organisers here) we can’t help but wonder about the following:

1. Where are Deepika and Shah Rukh Khan?

Yes we did say SRK – MIA for sure! You see, it goes like this – follow the logic here please.  Jahaan Ranveer, wahaan Deepika, Jahaan Ranbir wahaan Alia Bhatt aur jahaan Karan Johar wahaan … ??? Got it? So you have to agree that we’re a bit stumped here. Your guess is as good as ours!

2. Where are the 3 KHANS?

In all honesty, jokes apart, we are wondering WHERE ARE THE 3 KHANS? Is Salman Khan busy promoting cross-border relations in the making of Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2? Is Aamir Khan on the sets of his latest masterpiece … and King Khan? Well, we already noted his absence. If you have any clue to his whereabouts, do tell us!

3. What was the agenda of the meeting?

We’re also wondering what the stars ACTUALLY discussed with Prime Minister Modi?  The latest Bollywood film called ‘Indian Celeb Weddings’? Starring none other than Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor? The idea is to promote the Indian fashion, media, tourism and blogging industries.  And also, because everyone else is so over their real life love story in this selfie … Alia and Ranbir can take over the stage now. Okay, we might have missed out poor Karan Johar yet again!

4. What were Ranveer Singh’s wardrobe choices?

We’re wondering if Ranveer wore a Sabyasachi or a Mohsin Naveed Ranjha for this meet. We hope it’s the former just this once, we wouldn’t want him to get into any trouble over cross border relations … really! We hope his Pakistani fans will understand, it’s called political diplomacy and we wouldn’t want Ranveer to start his post marriage career on a rocky note with the PM!

5. Who’s the REAL Star here?

We’re also wondering WHY THIS selfie became so viral?  Is it because of Ranveer Singh? Karan Johar? Ranbir Kapoor? Ayushmann Khurrana or Prime Minister Modi? Who is the biggest star here?

We gather it MUST be the prime minister, the rest have met countless times at award ceremonies and, did anyone say weddings? Also, we don’t recall a single wedding selfie going SOOO viral! So the upcoming Film fare awards can rightly go to the Indian Prime Minister for the most ‘Viral Selfie with the Film Fraternity’! (a new category we just made up!)

6. Ladies first?

We’re wondering, and this one’s important, that the last Indian film industry meet with the prime minister reportedly incurred the media’s wrath because there was no women representation. However, this selfie seems to have a 1:3 gender ratio of women is to men …   ummm is that supposed to be the industry average? Just saying! Seems to us that the media has been pacified by Ranveer Singh’s pro-Selfie thumb that worked instant magic on the internet.

7. Why not Photoshop your way into 2019?

Our advice for Karan Johar – next time you post a selfie that you THINK might go viral, let’s be inclusive 😉 We would seriously consider Photoshop as a  viable option for adding in the missing faces. And we’ve been proactive for you! Here’s the selfie that COULD have gone viral, but didn’t!

However, to round it up! We were very happy to see the stars shine on the internet, and Deepika or no Deepika, we missed you Nickyanka and Virushka , hope to see you in the 3rd. meeting with the prime minister! Till then, adios from us, ciao, khuda hafiz and happy weekend!


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