4 Natural Skincare Products for the Nature Lover In You!

April 12, 2019
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Love your skin and it’ll love you back! If you’re in the market for skin care products that work, if you don’t want to splurge on face screams, scrubs, and body lotions that over promise and under deliver, then don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. These are some of the products we’ve used and we are deffo in love with em. Check out the list of our new bffs. #honestreview


This has become my favorite body moisturizer. I’ve been using it for a year now. It has made my hands not only soft but it has also smoothened out the wrinkles on my skin. It has helped even-out the complexion on my hands. It gives a moisturized feel that lasts throughout the day. So it’s a big YES for people who have wrinkly skin, dark pigmentation and dry, rough hands.

Shea body butter: Rs 790



Looking for a good organic body scrub? Dead sea salt scrub removes all the damaged skin cells from the body, leaving your skin as soft as a baby’s. Not only is the quality of the ingredients used in this scrub good, but the quantity is also quite generous.

Dead sea salt scrub: Rs 1600


Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Skincare



This is a mild scrub, best for the people who have sensitive skin and don’t want to go all harsh on their skin. It removes the tan and dead skin from your face without drying out your skin.

Whitening Facial Scrub : Rs 760


Facial Whitening Scrub


I’ve been looking for a perfect face wash for my skin type and finally – I’ve found one! This face wash is good for the people who have a combination of skin types. It removes the dirt and oil from your skin without drying it out and without leaving dry patches. It’s good for sensitive, dry skin which turns oily in summers.

Manuka Face Wash: Rs 450

Manuka HoneySkin care is a process that involves tender love & care. Buy products that suit your skin type, and are in sync with the changing seasons. Anything you apply on your face must have quality ingredients; natural is best. These products will nourish you head to toe! And not to forget, all these products are ORGANIC. Feel like trying out these babies now?  Go for it, pals!

Atrium Mall, Karachi

Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road, Karachi

Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi

Jinnah International Airport

Lucky Mall, Karachi

Ocean Mall, Karachi

Saima Square One Mall, Karachi


Some SMART Shopping Tips:

The prices mentioned above are subject to change but our writer purchased these products on an incredible sale which was up to 70% off on Waseem Badami’s birthday (7th of feb). They have it every year.

Bonus Tip:

Mana Beauty & Spirits Cheek and Lip Tint: Rs 1400. is for Rs 1050. It is still on sale on THIS online store www.manabeautyspirit.com




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