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By Falak Amaar Khan
May 10, 2017
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Summer is fast approaching and socialising is at its peak. The diaries of ladies are packed with weddings, holidays, farewells and meet-ups before the summer holidays.

The pocket-friendly norm would be to indulge in a shopping spree of block-coloured tops to be worn over the usual black, white or beige trousers and/or shalwars so repetition of outfits doesn’t come across. Ah, but for those who must keep up with the latest trends, it’s the other way round.

The trouser-trend has taken the market by storm. The minute you feel like you have bought the best one out there, another design is uploaded and leaves you yearning for more.

As tempting as all these gorgeous new bottoms are, we cannot have it all (well, not all of the time) and so, to make life easier for you, we review which trendy trousers are here to stay and which ones are going to be a one-time wear.


These bold-and-beautiful bottoms by Tena Durrani paired with matching tops are gorgeous but worn once, twice and gone for the following reasons.

The trousers are made to be worn with the exact same fabric, coordinated with a particular colour or style, and would look a complete mismatch with most other tops.

These are not separates. Each one is an outfit.

Trendy Trousers - Inseparable


Subtle, stylish separates -Morri’s concept of embroidery and finesse makes these trousers/shalwars complete any outfit effortlessly.

The cut is slimming, the fabric is pure and the colours are neutral, making each piece a perfect pair.

Trendy Trousers - Perfectly Paired


These Bow-tie Bottoms are no doubt gorgeous and look lovely when worn but fashion forecast doesn’t seem to show they are here to stay.

Trendy Trousers - Short-lived Romance


We handpicked these from Saniya Maskatiya’s collection, and each one is a keeper; not because they are no-brainers and not because they are neutral, but because they are timeless.

Trendy Trousers - Keepers


When something looks like this on a mannequin, please refrain from buying it. You will thank us later.

Trendy Trousers - Touch-Me-Nots

So happy trousers shopping dear readers. We hope you will choose wisely.


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