TORUK The First Flight – To Watch It Or Not?

By Rabia Mughni
May 27, 2018

TORUK The First Flight is inspired by James Camerons’s AVATAR

Toruk The First Flight is simply a work of sheer creativity. It boasts stand-out sets and impressive theatrics of the human body.

This show is the talk of the town. The city turned blue as TORUK’s banners lined the streets of Singapore. So much so, that it was impossible to miss the blue all around us! Hence it was with great expectations that we went to watch the show.

The Story Behind TORUK The First Flight

The story is narrated by a “Na’vi Storyteller”. It is about how the Tree of Souls is saved by three Na’vis as they collect 5 talismans from the five tribes in the imaginary world of Pandora. The story is a prequel to AVATAR. It is presented through a blend of various acts and breathtaking sets and props.

The tree of souls

Why Watch TORUK:

Grand Designs in Motion

We recommend this show for its immense size in terms of set design, the eye-catching costumes, props and super performances. The colourful scene transitions, the giant structures, the indoor kite show, the puppets and the acrobats, all come together to deliver a truly delightful, sensory experience.

This Cirque du Soleil gives its audience an experience that will stay with them even after the show has ended. The show boasts a riveting fusion of cutting-edge visuals, puppetry, and stagecraft, buoyed by a soaring cinematic score. What more could you ask for!

The giant loom

the great sets

The Art of Indoor Kite Flying

The show employs 18 kites, of which 6 are Quad kites. One is a Giant Traction kite, which is large enough to pull a vehicle on land. However, the flyers must generate the energy themselves, in order to fly the kites, as there is virtually no breeze indoors.

Indoor kite flying in Toruk

Acrobatics and Choreography

Sit back and witness some magnificent acrobatics, choreographed with the utmost skill to move the story forward. The production’s boomerang specialist holds the Guinness World Record for the most boomerangs juggled at one time. To answer a question asked by many, the performers wear full-body costumes designed especially for this show. These allow them to move on stage with agility and grace.

Acrobats in Toruk show

Puppet Play

While the show features several puppets, the one that makes the entire show worth watching is the TORUK itself. TORUK is an over-sized marionette (a puppet worked by strings). To watch it flying across the indoor stadium is an amazing sight. An impressive team of puppeteers create their own animal sounds and vocals live on stage. They are accompanied by 16 large-scale puppets.

Projections, Multimedia and Set Design

The stage measures 85 by 162 feet. This space seems to be in a perpetual state of motion as it shows off awe-inspiring landscapes with the help of multimedia projection. You will witness an earth quake, a volcanic eruption and the Na’vi clans climbing up a cliff, complete with waterfall. The set itself is the most stunning part of the show. It is managed through 40 video projectors, with projections covering a space bigger than five IMAX screens.

set at toruk

The imagery is truly mind-boggling. It spans forests, mountains, and cliffs surrounded by water. These stunning projections will make you want to pinch yourself and ask –  Is that really a forest or a body of water in front of us?

Multiple structures and props will amaze you throughout the show. The flowers sprouting from the  ground from time to time to match the scene, the giant loom & vines, Thanator Sculpture, puppets representing characters like the Viperwolves and Direhorses, are beautifully-crafted pieces of art, skill and ingenuity.

The amazing sets

A Final Word

Last but not least, the vibrant colour play and breathtaking visuals will leave you floored! So go watch a show resplendent with imagery that will keep you spellbound for most of the way!

Please Note: We did feel that this show can definitely move faster. Despite the wow-factor that underlies the entire production of TORUK The First Flight, the show seemed a bit stretched. Therefore, you will find your mind wandering, somewhere in between the show. However, the story picks up suddenly and grabs your attention once more. While the entire show is very well put together and is definitely a piece of art in motion, the acrobatic acts themselves are no more unique or different from what you’ve already witnessed in similar circus acts.

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