By Falak Amaar Khan
December 5, 2018
3 minutes

These 7 Desi Lifestyle Bloggers are Inspiring Followers Across the Globe!

Lifestyle bloggers are not only fun to follow, but they also have the power to change one’s perspective on life. They make the ordinary appear extraordinary – a book, a product, a travel to a small town or a lily floating in a pond, one keeps turning to them for inspiration. Hence we decided to dig a little deeper into some who we as ‘Desis’ can relate to.

However, with so many bloggers hitting the high numbers on the internet, it gets a bit cluttered out there. To follow or not to follow, that is the question! So we decided to make life easy for you by giving you our Top 7 Picks! Presenting 7 Desi Lifestyle bloggers on Instagram with more than 100K following each and our favorite Instagram post by them to date.

1. Mehreen Syed – imehreensyed

This supermodel-cum-entrepreneur-cum-blogger brings everything glam to the table. The spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris and the CEO of the International Fashion Academy in Pakistan, Mehreen has achieved many grants in acknowledgment of her efforts. An expert in global beauty and fashion trends, she is one of the most well-known faces not only in Pakistan but worldwide. With so much going on in her life, she also runs an NGO, ICare, a developmental and empowerment organization of women across Pakistan. With 638K followers and growing, she is someone to watch out for.

2. Shalini Chopra – Stylish by Nature

This fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle blogger from Bangalore aims to inspire those who like fashion and want to embrace the world. Her blog ‘Stylish by Nature’ has a following of 386K on Instagram where she posts about street style, vintage, design couture collections, and affordable fashion. Her website, however, is full of news and views on ‘What’s happening. If you want to know anything and everything happening in India, she is the one for you.

3. Aamna Haider Isani – Something Haute

If you want to follow someone who is up-to-date with anything and everything lifestyle, jump on the bandwagon with the other 137K on Instagram and follow this blogger. A Pakistani scribe and not new to journalism, her blog ‘Something Haute’ tells you all about the latest on many fronts. She has all her bases covered from fashion to Bollywood to Lollywood to food to travel. Her blog is practically half a newspaper in itself.

4. Amber Javed – A Wardrobe Affair

All about style, travel and community, this lifestyle blogger has a whopping 134K followers on Instagram. Her bright and relatable posts are what make her one of the most popular bloggers from Pakistan. She often takes her style inspiration from the Indian fashion industry and believes in the power of social media in impacting trends. We absolutely love her natural approach to life.

5. Salima Feerasta – Karachista1

This Karachiite has it all figured out and is nothing short of being a one-man show. An insider’s view on life, she brings to her 130K followers the latest on fashion, lifestyle and entertainment. Her recent blog posts seem to be more about upcoming events and exhibitions so it does have a more commercial feel to it, but having a background in journalism definitely gives her the upper edge.  She brings to her followers exactly what they are waiting for.

6. Tanya Dhar – Urban Diaries

Tanya’s blog ‘Urban Diaries’ essentially captures the beauty from the simple to serene. Composed of personal style, fashion photography, celebrity interviews, food, travel and technology, Tanya Dhar’s creative vision is everything relatable, calm and soothing. Its content is far less busy than most lifestyle bloggers and has an Instagram following of 124K. If you want to take a break from the louder, brighter images on Instagram, follow her now.

7. Saily Patre – The Style Cocktail

Saily is a travel and fashion blogger along with being a product stylist and content creator. She aims to inspire her followers to lead a more positive life through her blogs and posts. From a girl next door to a chic city girl to an urban hipster to downright bohemian, she dresses up in the most innovative yet fun ways, inspiring her followers to follow suit. Further, her video stories and storytelling make her blog a worthy visit. No wonder there are 110K followers on Instagram doing just that.


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