The Palace – Rajdeep Ranawat

By Falak Amaar Khan
March 4, 2017

Introducing the Spring-Summer 2017 collection by Rajdeep Ranawat

The Palace

Deriving his inspiration from some of The Palaces of India, the designer has explored the state of Rajasthan which is known for its beautiful structures and stunning architecture. Scattered all around the state, there are palaces and forts which have a uniqueness of their own, that shout out sagas of old glory and exquisite decor. Some of the richness of these can be witnessed through the remnants of the ‘Wall Art’ still beautifully preserved within the interiors of most buildings.

Exploring and capturing the surviving ‘motifs’ and ‘elegant colour schemes’ from these, Rajdeep Ranawat brings to you a collection with a fresh take on the ‘Vintage Wall Art’ of The Palaces. His collection is an amalgamation of the old design with a twist of the very modern applications.

The collection has been split into multiple themes based on the usage of various motifs and colours and named after the six heritage cities of Rajasthan: Kota, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Samode and Jaipur.

Rich silk-based fabrics, embellished with genuine crystal from ‘Swarovski’ compliment the design elegance of The Palace and assist each garment in narrating a story of its own, as it mesmerises you into a time where kings, kingdoms and a very colourful culture thrived.


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