10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Crafter’s Guild Fairs

March 11, 2019
3 minutes

The Crafter’s Guild Expos are back this year – and if you haven’t calendared it yet, we give you 10 reasons to LOVE about the expo – a place for rare gifts, handmade love and magic that will take you by surprise on your very first visit!

The Crafter’s Expo, Bohemian – A Fair for Creatives, The Indie Art & Craft Show – yes, they all need no introduction. The minute the date for any of these shows is announced, we are all excited and can’t wait to visit the exhibition. This is the place to get unique, irresistibly cute, useful and uber creative handmade products. Little known fact:  Varah, the founder of Crafter’s Expo came up with this idea after three failed attempts to showcase her own products at various platforms. Her subsequent success is a true lesson in perseverance! Here are some more fun facts that we bet you didn’t know about  The Crafter’s Guild.

1. The Very First product created by Varah Musavir – Founder of Crafter’s Guild was a Wallet Cards set to fuel the absence of unique gifts in the local market.

2. The First Crafter’s Expo Would Have Been The LAST, if Varah hadn’t read this message on her event feed:

“Great event. When’s the next one?”

3. Did you know that 83% stalls are managed by women-owned businesses – all handmade, and all exclusive.  And men’s participation is rising every year.

Crafter's Guild

4. 85% of participants are under the age of 30. How’s that for creativity and originality in the final product?

5. Crafter’s Expo just doesn’t provide a platform to exhibit products.

The Stand Out Feature of Crafter’s Expo is Workshops to groom participants, brush up their interpersonal and communication skills. This allows them to achieve a new level of confidence.

6. The Second Crafter’s Expo was organized online.

All bookings were done online, all trainings were carried out through social media. This transformed into 85 participants, a larger audience and a whole lot of magic.

7. All Products Follow One Simple Rule – They are 100% handmade or designed by the participants themselves.

8. Highly curated One-of-a-Kind Brands reach the exhibition.

There are strictly no re-sellers or commercial brands presence at the Expo.

9. Shop for a CAUSE. Crafter’s Expo is more than JUST an exhibition.

Women who aren’t allowed to participate anywhere come to our shows. Young people suffering anxiety or depression overcome their fears with our platforms. Those grieving the loss of a loved one, channel their best memories or grief into mind-blowing work.

10. Some fun number facts about The Crafter’s Expo.

  • First show held in 2012.
  • It took 4 weeks to prep.
  • Exhibited 55 Crafters.
  • Hosting 142 Crafters now and growing.
  • Over 150K visitors have visited the event so far.
  • 40% new participants in every show.
  • The Expo has trained or hosted over 700 brands.

The FIRST Crafter’s Guild Fair of the season is being held on April 7th. 2019 at 12pm. Follow the link and join their events page to know more:

Bohemian: A Fair for Creatives.



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