Tau’s Restaurant Review

By Rabia Mughni
January 3, 2019
3 minutes

Eating Out? Visit Tau’s and find out what we recommend on the menu?

Named after the owner’s nickname, Tau, Tau’s caught my attention with its mouth-watering Karhai and Kebab videos that have been showing up on my Facebook feed for some days now. Needless to say I ended up there with my team to review Tau’s BBQ and find out for myself if the food really tastes as good it appears in the videos.

We found out that Tau’s is not that new and Taha opened Tau’s in March 2018, Taha shared with us his love for cooking, which led him to leave his job in the corporate sector and launch Tau’s BBQ. All the recipes are his own, which he has developed through experimenting with various ingredients and spices over time.

Located at main Saba Avenue, Tau’s is a simple, yet tastefully decorated space with a maximum seating capacity of about 50 people. We were greeted by Taha himself, who was busy taking care of his guests at lunchtime.


Qeema Naan & Cheese Naan

We started with garam garam Qeema and Cheese naan. While the cheese naans were just okay, nothing much to write home about, the qeema naans were quite flavourful and got our attention. They were spicy, chatpattay, and tasted like a tandoori naan with a Seekh Kebab-filling. The naans were served with yogurt raita – a perfect combination. A word of caution, if you are expecting something like Qeema parathay, then you will be disappointed. The Qeema naan is a bit dry and more like a kebab-filled naan. But they make for a great starter and we recommend you try these.

Qeema Naan

Cheese Naan


A bit on the sweet side, fresh and yogurty, this was definitely one of the better tasting lassis that we’ve had in a restaurant.


BBQ Platter

Next on the menu was the BBQ platter, which had a little bit of everything from the grill. The BBQ was very well done. Every item was nicely marinated and grilled. What caught our attention was the Chicken Malai Boti. It was soft, bursting with flavour, and had a special ingredient that we couldn’t quite put our finger on, but which really packed a punch! Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t get the owner to share this secret ingredient :).The Chicken Malai Boti is a must-try.  Another BBQ item that we really liked was the chops, succulent, soft and well-done.

Chicken Makhni Handi

Okay, this one caught us by complete surprise. Expecting it to be just like regular Makhni Handi, we kept our expectations low. However, the minute we tasted it, we were pleasantly surprised and completely taken by the delicious taste of this dish. It was buttery, cheesy, tender and flavourful, all at the same time. We couldn’t wait to take the 2nd bite. We were so sure that one of the ingredients that gave it the extra kick was added cheese, but Haider assured us that there was not a single ounce of cheese in the recipe. Compliment this dish with lachha paratha or garlic naan – a MUST-try dish for all.

Chicken Karhai

The Chicken Karhai tasted good with naan and parathas. But it wasn’t a standout dish – something you eat in every other restaurant. You can skip this one for the Chicken Makhni above!

Koila Biryani

This is what we were really excited about, as this was the first time we were going to try the much talked about Koila Biryani. A tad on the oily side, Koila Biryani is an interesting option on the menu. You can try it to get a change and break away from the traditional taste of Biryani, We definitely liked the change, but will go for our good ol’  traditional Biryani any time.


Mutka Chai

Cooked in small earthen pots, this is the new trend in Karachi. We finished our meal with a cup of Matka Chai. Steaming hot, sweet and with a slight aftertaste of earthenware, it makes a good ending to a delicious BBQ meal.

And there you have it! If you are bored with the regular eating choices in Karachi, then head out to Tau’s, and try our recommendations, you’ll definitely come back for more!

This is what we recommend at Tau’s

Qeema Naan

Chicken Makhni Handi

Lacha parathas

Mutka Chai


C- 18 Saba Avenue, D.H.A PHASE 6

Karachi, Pakistan

Phone:(021) 35171430

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