Tassel Earrings: Yaar, Kuch Zyada Tau Nahi Ho Gaya?

By Beena Ahmed
September 12, 2017

‘I can’t believe my eyes’ is a familiar phrase, but ‘I can’t believe those earrings?’ Well if you spend most of your time scrolling away on social media, or often catch your eyes fixated on those lawn walay billboards, you might have noticed these long, dangling bunch of threads  hanging from Mahira’s, Marwa’s and Syra’s ear lobes. These tassels have become the new Pakistani fashion statement ever since the fashion industry came across Kareena Kapoor wearing them to an awards night. Match them with your lawn outfits, and add some spark to your entire wardrobe.

Although tassels might have been spotted on a host of Hollywood actresses walking the red carpets and while attending casual parties, believe it or not, they’re not the only ones who can pull off this accessory. We desi beauties can give it a try as well!

If you think tassels earrings may make you look overboard and you might end up questioning your friend…yaar zyada toh nahi hogaya?, then check out our ‘Tassel Earrings Guide’ so you never go wrong with these ‘dangling’ beauties!

It’s really easy to overkill your outfit. Balancing the elements of your attire can be a very tricky task. But don’t worry, I can help save you ladies with this simple guide. It tells you all the ways you CAN wear tassels along with a few ways that are a big ‘No-No!’ So read on and complete your look with my ultimate Tassels Earrings Guide…you’ll thank me later!

Pair Them With A Simple Jora? Yes you can!

Got any old yet favourite kurtis or tops that might be a single color? Or a light-pastel shade chicken kurti? Pair them with colorful tassels. Create a contrast and make them the highlight of your look!

Tassels and Chamkeelay Kapray? Is a big No-No!

Balance is necessary at all times, and when attending a traditional event with all the sitaras, glitter, gold and silver embroidery on our shararas , ghararas and ghair-wali shalwars, we’re struck by a super bling-bling vibe. Adding tassels to this desi look will definitely break the cultural aspect of the outfit.

Image courtesy Nomi Ansari.

Lawn, Linen, Tassels? Oh Yes, bring ’em on!

Have a get-together with friends? Or are you planning to have dinner with the family? These gorgeous tassels are available online and at a number of shops with a variety of designs; from bird cages, to pearls and jewel embellishments to hold the tassels in place.

Make them prettier and wear them on your casual, printed lawn or linen shirts, creating a perfect balance between all the colors in your outfit and your earrings.  Pick any color you like!

Image courtesy Gul Ahmed Lawn.

Tassels and Long Skirts? Oops, my blah-radar just activated!

Just reading these two words together, activates my ‘blah-radar’. Long skirts and tassels are such a bad combination. Long, flowy skirts are a statement in themselves; adding tassels to the look would just overcrowd your entire look and make it too busy for one outfit.

Tassels and Tops? Both begin with a ‘T’ so that means they’re meant to be!

(Hey! That rhymes). Well, sometimes plain tops with jeans can get boring, wearing some neon tassels could add a more fashionable, yet sophisticated look to your entire outfit. Highlighter-yellow, Battery-Charged Blue and Perky-Pink tassels are what you should be looking for. Add these to a black top with jeans and thank me later!

Image courtesy Massimo Dutti.

Image courtesy Khaadi.

Over-sized Clothes and Tassels? A disaster in the making!

I love tassels and I love over-sized clothes, but wearing both together, spells disaster. Over-sized clothes are enough to pull off a look on their own without any jewelry. Adding tassels would just wreck your style and make it look like you were trying too hard.

Hope you ladies like this simple guide on ‘how to wear’ and ‘how NOT to wear’ tassels. These dangling beauties are a life-saver. They fall within your budget and come in so many eye-catching designs that you’ll be spoilt for choice! You can get a whole bunch of them starting as low as Rs.150/pair. They are easily available across the globe at all major accessories stores. So grab them now. Buy a dozen and try out some of the looks above! Experiment and let us know if you have any more outfit ideas that would look RAD with some add-on tassels


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