Tanzeela Qambrani – Woman of Substance

By Dr. Ramsha Hussain
March 6, 2019
1 minute

“As a tiny minority lost in the midst of local populations, we have struggled to preserve our African roots and cultural expression, … but I look forward to the day when the name Sheedi will evoke respect, not contempt.” – Tanzeela Qambrani

Tanzeela Qambrani is our Woman of Substance for March. She became a member of the Provincial assembly of Sindh in 2018. This was a landmark achievement as she was the first Sheedi woman to represent her people at the national level. She holds a postgraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Sindh.

The story of Tanzeela is an inspiring one! Her ancestors migrated to Sindh from Tanzania. She was discriminated throughout her life on the basis of her color, appearance and culture.

The small ethnic Sheedi Afro-Pakistani community measures about 50,000 in number. They can now make their voices heard in Pakistan by giving Tanzeela and many others like her, their rightful place in the community and by representing them on multiple public platforms.

“I have been involved in social and community work for the past 12 years,” says Tanzeela Qambrani. “My message to the parents is that please educate your daughters.”

Tanzeela worked as a local councilor and she is the perfect example of women defying all the odds to achieve their goals. We are rooting for women like Tanzeela and she is setting the perfect example – of women who take charge of their lives, and live it according to their own will!


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