Best Coffee In Singapore

By Heena Bukhari
April 19, 2018

In Search of The Perfect Cuppa – Best Coffee in Town!

If like myself you are an ardent lover of coffee but you now reside in a part of the world where it feels like drinking coffee isn’t a big deal, then fear not, I have you covered! I have lived my whole life in London, where drinking tea and coffee is akin to breathing air. It has therefore been my mission to find the right coffee spots in Singapore ever since I arrived. Giant coffee chains like Starbucks and Coffee Bean just don’t cut it for my overly-spoilt taste buds.

So here are the top three coffee places I believe to be the best in Singapore thus far.

The Coffee Academics

coffee academics in singapore

This cafe is located in the most affluent and bustling part of Singapore – the fancy Scott’s Square. The Coffee Academics is as prestigious as its location. I stumbled upon it as a freshman in Singapore one day. The industrial-woody-science-lab-looking cafe has had me gripped since.

This cafe appears to be a melting pot of science – meets – art. The aesthetics boast a 21st century architectural trademark. It oozes modernity and presence in the very first glance. Once you get over the interior, you find yourself drawn to the impressive selection of coffees available on the menu. Each sounds extremely fashionable. Straight from Hong Kong listed in the 25 must-see coffee shops around the world – The Coffee Academics does not disappoint!

I am a die-hard fan of their lattes and my very precise order is; “A regular latte ($5.50) in a take-away cup with Okinawa sugar ($2) on the side please!” The velvet-creamy texture of the latte with the strong taste of roasted coffee beans will make you a coffee addict with the first sip: that complimented with the dark brown artisan sugar from the Okinawa Islands (Japan) will definitely have you appreciating the art of specialty coffees in a heartbeat.

I personally love the nutty taste of the latte so when using the Okinawa sugar, I avoid stirring it in the latte. Instead I just let it sit at the bottom and wait for the sugar to release its sweetness over the course of my drink. I get to enjoy the coarse coffee flavour and also avoid an overpowering sugary taste in my drink. There really is an art behind drinking coffee which one needs to perfect!

Other friends who have also tried coffee at The Coffee Academics have found it to be impressive. They have really enjoyed their cuppas, which has been reassuring to hear. Additionally, it’s good to know that The Coffee Academics offers more than just coffees. There is an appetizer, lunch, main course and dessert menu which I have yet to try, and they have free Wi-Fi too!

Dimbulah Coffee

best coffee in singapore

Dimbulah is probably the finest Australian Coffee to be served in Singapore – it is simply outstanding! It prides itself on bringing the finest coffee beans direct from the plantations. This is evident in the quality of their brews. I found them extremely flavourful!

I tried both the cold and hot lattes ($5.50), and thoroughly enjoyed both versions, I am unashamedly a die-hard fan of Dimbulah. The lattes taste distinctively unique and the fact that I have never used sugar in any of their coffees, testifies to the grandness of the coffee beans.

The fine Arabica beans that are sourced from Queensland really do hold their own in taste. The aromatic roasted beans do not allow the milk to steal their thunder and the aftertaste of the coffee leaves a pleasantly lasting effect on the taste buds: bitter, creamy and everything fine.

Others also rave about the Caramel Iced Latte and Flat White at Dimbulah. Though I haven’t tried either, I am happy to echo the greatness of a Dimbulah brew.

The quality of service at every Dimbulah branch is remarkably consistent. Such  high service levels are a welcome novelty these days. The staff are extremely kind and welcoming, with an interior layout to match.

Most Dimbulah branches are located in the fancy CBD area. One can already sense the type of customers this fine cafe attracts: the super-savvy bankers. I often frequent the one on Market Street which is always swamped by them. Dimbulah also offers a fine food menu but I usually stick to their drinks, therefore I can’t comment much on the food front.

Artisan Boulangerie Co.

best coffee in singapore

I first spotted this cafe in the super- vibrant Vivo city. It had a vibe very similar to a French cafe and maybe that’s what attracted me to it in the first place.

The bakery and pastry layout alongside the bistro assembles have a novelty of their own. This is why it immediately came to mind when a friend very casually asked: ‘Where should I go for the best pastry-coffee offering in Singapore?’

Aside from the excellent selections of pastries and breads at Artisan, it’s the artisanal hot beverages that have me singing their praises. Specifically the latte! It is strong and robust in flavour, and something to write home about – creamy taste that leaves you wanting more. The coffee at Artisan is distinctively different from the former two places I’ve written about, yet equally flavourful in its own right. The latte does not demand one to be a seasoned coffee lover. It’s a feel-good drink and with an extra shot, it can achieve a taste of bitter-strong coffee, eventually.

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