OUT & ABOUT TOWN – Shams Chaat House

December 7, 2018

Chaat in Karachi – Shams Chaat House

Strictly NO mixing of the chaat … WHAT? WHY NOT??? HOW CAN YOU NOT MIX CHAAT?

When we heard this rule about the famous “Shams Chaat House”, we couldn’t resist but pay a visit to this chaat house. We wanted to know what the ‘no mixing’ fuss is all about, and how would the chaat taste if we do not mix it.

Watch the video to see what did Team FUCHSIA experience when they visited.

Also, find out which Chaat we loved BEST!

Out & About Town – Shams Chaat House and what FUCHSIA recommends.

For more information, visit Shams Chaat House here.

Craving PIZZA? This is the place you should be visiting!



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