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By Shazia Habib
March 6, 2019
3 minutes

Listen up all you singles! Now you can look for LOVE in all the ‘right’ places by logging in to a partner search website for as little as Rs. 5000 to try out your luck at love. 2019 is here with a bang and perhaps the millenials are teaching us a thing or two about how to do the old fashioned thing with a modern twist. Aakhir, naak iddhar say pakren ya uddhar say, baat tau ek hi hai. In fact, sometimes, it helps to move with the times!, online marriage,

Rishta Aunties move over – you’ve got competition! This website is really not what we were expecting! BUT we just want to get it out there that the online rishta scene seems to be rocking. Check out the young, personalized match makers who speak multiple languages and help you find a match! In Pakistan or abroad!

We are super-amazed at the marketing prowess of this match making site as we spotted banners across parts of the city, and also came across  events, some major mall presence and sign up activities to boost (should we say sales?) or perhaps – image, in the city! So if you are seeking zaroorat-e-rishta for your sister, daughter, brother, son, a friend OR Yourself, all you have to do is visit the website or download their app, add in a few details and get chatting.

The online rishta service offers matches for residents in Pakistan or abroad. With Valentine’s February just behind us, we felt it’s not fair for those who are Qarib Qarib Single, yet dreaming of love, to be left all alone in this virtual world. Hence we decided to do you a favour – our own ground research revealed a handful of Pakistani match-making websites. seemed the most promising amongst them. So if you’re in the market for a partner, this might be a place to begin. Here’s how to get started.

Access the website and register with your name, email address and contact details. You will be invited to an online chat within seconds. Address your queries to one of the representatives. Adnan, Ali, Khadija, Misha Sania, and so many more, speak different languages and specialize in various areas of match-making expertise. You can check out their profiles and connect with the match maker of your choice.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3. The rishta app will ask you further details about your preferences and what exactly are you seeking in a partner. Once your profile has been created, you are matched to the best possible ‘other’ – the rishta that is generated smartly through the system, and, you can also have a pick at your recommended partner list. (Your personal matchmaker will recommend a partner for you).

The service also offers an app that users can download on their phones. How convenient is that. Match making on the go!, online rishta

We can’t really gauge how satisfied online users have been, but it is good to know that the website promises absolute confidentiality. Uploading images of yourself with personal information on an online portal is a bit daunting, but considering the end result might lead to a life choice … well, you tell us, if it’s worth the risk! Many are already going the online rishta way, as witnessed by the very active social media page of the said web match making service. is digitized all the way – Now all they need is a virtual wedding. Perhaps Pakistan might step into the virtual wedding playing field very soon, and this website is the first step to many more firsts on the net! guarantees total confidentiality and supports your choices by recommending one partner per month, whom you can chat with, view images of, and get talking. The site also aims to provide a holistic user experience through its blogs as well. The blog posts focus on relationship building and changing stereotypes in our society. The company has also held events in major cities of Pakistan, with a view to creating awareness about their work.

Websites such as are definitely filling a gap in the market. This is a bold business-cum-community venture to support the shift in a traditional market, and why not? Singles find it hard to find like-minded individuals through the traditional rishta aunties or family hook ups. This system should work if genuine relationship seekers upload their profiles and feel secure about the services of the company. Giving up your personal information in a traditional society like ours is a hard one to get your head around, however, we feel times are changing and all is fair in ‘LOVE’  – really!


The question is; can and similar websites keep their services legitimate and scandal-free in the medium to long run? How can they set them selves apart from the more westernised dating sites eg. Priyanka’s Bumble and the even more notorious – Tinder. Only time will tell. But till then let’s believe that there is someone out there who is filling out a form and hoping to find a partner for life – and why not – isn’t that what shadees are all about – a match made in (virtual) heaven?







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