By Shazia Habib
July 15, 2017

Just to clarify-this is not a review. It is a heartfelt plea to the makers of the film that we, the audience want to celebrate our Superheroes-so hear us out and bring us a film that literally WOWS us! We also want to applaud your courage for not throwing a half-baked film at the audience and cutting your losses. It takes courage to say: ‘We know the world’s watching but we’re not ready yet’…well, the world will wait a bit longer for you, in fact, your average Pakistani film goer has shown a positive response, by the makes of what we read online. We know you can save Project Ghazi, and we’re waiting…but while you’re at it, we just want to give you some tips along the way! And now that that’s out of the way, and the fans have made other plans for the weekend, cinemas have reimbursed ticket money and the sponsors have had a field day on the Red Carpet (JS Bank, Tang and KFC to name a few), let’s talk about what lies ahead.

Since we were one of the few who DID get to watch the film, and one of the many who want to support the local Film Industry through thick and thin, (it’s getting a bit too thin these days, we admit). We would like to say this before you release the film. These are your pointers, as viewers who expect their paisa vasool from the ticket, you need to give us:

1. Thrilling stunts

Whether it’s pulling a mean punch, jumping off a craggy cliff or scaling a wall…the action calls for some fast-paced moves, and some cool computer animation can get you right up there! Know what we mean right? Watch Waar for some inspiration-also made in Pakistan. But boy, did it hit the right notes, and kicks, for that matter!

2. Dialogues

The less said the better. If we can’t hear them, we can’t follow them. You know what to do, so just do it. We’re waiting to ‘hear’ what you have to say…literally!

3. A storyline that eventually connects-edit-connects-edit-connects. Get the ‘picture’? Pun intended here of course!

We understand the need for speed. All the high-tech stuff: the computerized coding, mapping, graphics and cutting edge technology. But we also need to understand how the puzzle pieces together to make a whole. So when we transition from a scene inside a science lab to an outdoor setting in the midst of intense action-we want to feel the adrenalin, but we can’t. Because we’re too busy figuring out how we landed in the middle of the desert in the first place. A slick editing job might help demystify the plot and fill in the gaps. And of course, if we could hear the dialogues, it would help!

4. The leading man needs to lead!

Major Zain, you need to up your game because Salaar Salahuddin a.k.a Humayun Saeed is beating you to it. Producers, if you have a few sharp shots of our sharp shooter in action, then please add them in. The film was not very long, clocking just under 2 hours in running time- you can give some more screen time to our fair-eyed hero and treat the audience to some real superhero action.

5. A Superheroine who’s NOT missing in action

We love a heroine who can both look good, and pull a few punches. Syra Shahroz can do both, we believe. So add in the punches please. The promo posters promised a whole lot more action from her. We want to catch her in fight mode. This is the 21st century after all, and she’s more than just a pretty face!

6. A hummable background score

We understand we can’t have a song and dance routine here, it’s not exactly Bin Roye. But we can have a soundtrack that is both uplifting and catchy. Adele’s Skyfall might set the bar too high, but try, try to give us music that stays with us. A nation that gives us Coke Studio et al needs no excuses-dearth of talent is not the problem here.

So here are your pointers folks but that’s not all…THIS IS WHAT WE LOVED about Project Ghazi-The unedited version.

1. A villain who gave it his all!

The audience loves a good fight and Adnan Jaffar villainized a role that rocked the screen! Keep that one going Ghazi producers, you don’t need any edits here!

2. Comic relief that was actually comic!

Aamir Qureshi made us laugh. Don’t change a thing there, the dialogues, the look, the action…(even the KFC branding), for those who caught it, you know what we mean;) If anything, we wouldn’t mind seeing some more of him!

3. The concept behind the story

Good vs Evil is always fun to watch-it mirrors real life after all! We can’t give away much here, but in Big Bold words-Stick to the story but fill in the gaps-that’s what a good video editor does…so do it!

That’s it from us, in a nutshell…we look forward to a new and improved Project Ghazi and a full-blown review. Superhero or no superhero, you have our attention- Now do something about it! Hint, hint- Eid is round the corner!


About Shazia Habib

Shazia likes to pen her thoughts when she feels passionately about a life experience, a person or an event. She is mother to 3 lively boys and along with her husband, attempts to settle in her new country by taking German lessons so she is able to soak in the culture, language and spirit of the region. "Wake up in the morning, take a deep breath and exhale! Keep on living with a passion that inspires others! "