Sanam Saeed – Woman of Substance

By Dr. Ramsha Hussain
March 7, 2019
1 minute

Sanam Saeed is our Woman of Substance this March. She has rocked the Stage, TV, and Film industry. and continues to break the glass ceiling every time she adds her name to a venture. What is it that this actress cannot do? She can do pretty much everything, according to us, and that’s why she caught our spotlight! A much loved name in the Pakistani Drama and Film industry – Sanam is not just a pretty face. She has always gone that much further to take on roles that impact lives. She plays strong women leads who defy stereotypes and inspire women to step out of their comfort zones. She makes us believe that we can do it too!

When asked if she was a feminist, Sanam replied, “We are feminists. We do believe in the equal rights of men and women, the pay structure, particularly in work.” But despite being a feminist, she added, she did not support “man-hating, bra-burning or underarm hair-growing.”

Sanam’s character choices scratch beyond the surface to reveal resilient women who lead from the front.  “I like stories with a message or a moral. I like taking on characters that could be role models for young girls, or roles that empower women. I think it’s very important.” – Sanam Saeed

Sanam is wholly aware of her social responsibility, and although her choice of medium will always be stage, she realizes she has to experiment with all art forms in order to be effective on a larger forum. She speaks wisely, beyond her years: “We do have a social responsibility and it is important to be aware of that. We can spread awareness and social messages because of the fact that we are familiar faces to people, we are relatable to people through some of the characters we play.”

Sanam Saeed is influencing millions of girls in a positive manner, she is making young females realize that they can achieve their goals and can also serve as a role model to other girls. Her roles are focused on the stories of women who made their own choices, and achieved success in their selected pathways. Way to go Sanam – You are our Woman of Substance and a role model for many young girls in Pakistan!


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