RockDove Press Release

August 25, 2016

                      RockDove – Trackable Leather Products
Four young entrepreneurs bring their vision of making trackable leather products to Kickstarter

Meet RockDove. A range of trackable leather products made using the finest materials and built-in bluetooth tracking, allowing users to track their most essential belongings using their smartphone.

With a product range that includes a tote, briefcase, wallet, clutch wallet, traveller’s wallet, a camera sling and a baggage tag, RockDove embeds each item with a built-in bluetooth tracking device. The device is mounted on a flexible board discreetly tucked away in each of its products. Although hidden from plain view, it allows users to track their most essential belongings via smartphone or tablet.

Not only does the tracking chip guide the owner to the exact location of their product if misplaced, for added security, users can also set an alert to be notified if a product is taken out of a certain radius. Further to that, if the product leaves the Bluetooth range of 100 meters, it can be found using a feature known as CrowdFind. Each chip can be charged using its wireless charger, which also doubles as a 8000 mAh portable battery pack to charge other devices on the go..

RockDove’s quality products are made with full-grain leather — the most premium part of the leather hide — which is tanned over several weeks using natural tannins and is less hazardous to the environment than cheaper alternatives. Vegetable tanning also allows the leather to age with use and develop a beautiful patina over time. Each product come in five colour options: ochre, nectarine, roast, charcoal and cerulean.

Introductory prices range between £20 -£199.

The company is co-founded by Ammar Jangbarwala, who is also the man behind the widely successful launch of the CES Award Winning Somabar on Kickstarter. “I tend to misplace my wallet and keys, a lot, and every time that happens I wish I could just track them using my phone. And so we thought, why not? We decided to develop a range of leather products that one could track, but we wanted to do so using the best possible materials, whilst keeping the design classic and the entire proposition environmentally friendly.” He adds “We are proud to say that 60% of the electronics we use in our products are sourced from certified recycled components, which results in the reduction of electronic waste in the world and has a positive impact on the environment.”


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