REÉSE Fashion – Clothing for the Woman of Substance

By Falak Amaar Khan
July 31, 2018

Reése Fashion – A force to be reckoned with!

Reése Fashion is a ‘not-so-new kid on the block’ in Lahore, Pakistan. Fashion designers are a mushrooming breed in the city, but just as soon as they strike the ‘trendy’ label, they tend to fall out of fashion, literally, overnight! In order to stay mainstream in fashion-conscious Lahore, one has to  constantly feel the pulse of a dynamic market! Reése seems to be doing just that. Hence FUCHSIA decided to meet the designers behind Reése and discover what sets them apart from the crowd!

Reése Fashion, the brain child of a sister duo, Hina and Sana Irfan was established in 2015. It is a high street fusion womenswear label. Reese’s high-end, alluring, innovative and quality-driven designs are rapidly wooing fashion enthusiasts worldwide. The brand specializes in accessible clothing

The Vision at Reése Fashion

The designers explain their vision with great passion:

‘The label celebrates women with substance, radiance and a sense of style which is distinct and has an enduring appeal.’


Reese Fashion, Pakistani Designers, Lahore Designers, Pakistani Fashion
“Monochrome Chinoiserie” symbolizes a modern twist in stripes and the classic black & gold combination!

‘At Reése, our customers are at the heart of the brand’s vision. The most important journeys are the ones we take on the inside, so our customers stand tall in elegance at any occasion, embracing the Reése within them.’

Reese Fashion, Pakistani Fashion, Lahore Designers, Pakistani Designers
Skylark epitomizes grace. A modern flair accentuated with spangle detailing adds to the beauty of this ensemble!

‘A Reése outfit can be spotted from afar – signature gold studs, stripes, artistic and well-tailored silhouettes, seamless draping, and quality driven products.’

Reese Fashion. Pakistani Designers, Pakistani Fashion, Lahore Designers
Glam yourself with “Kiara”! The tunic encompasses simplistic details! Complemented with culottes; – sometimes less is more!

‘The sole purpose of creating this fashion savvy brand was to provide elegant and minimalistic products, on a budget-friendly price-point for women who demand to be praised for their distinctive style.’

Online Delivery at Reése Fashion

Interestingly enough, and in keeping with its modern outlook, Reése was founded with the objective of capturing the fast-evolving online market. It aims to provide a convenient shopping experience to customers and offers national and international doorstep delivery.

Reese Fashion, Pakistani Fashion, Pakistani Designers, Lahore designers
The Ella Tunic – evening wear. A delicate mix of intricate cuff embroideries, finished with beaded chains!



Reese Fashion, Pakistani Fashion, Pakistani Designers, Lahore Designers
Scarlett is intrinsically crafted with gold studs and 3-D floral embellishments!

‘Reése embodies Power, Love and Elegance. In Welsh legends, Reése is considered to be ardent and fiery. This is the essence of our vision – A woman ready to embrace who she is internally and externally as a symbol of radiance and confidence.’ – Sana and Hina Irfan

Reese Fashion, Reese Clothing, Pakistani Fashion, {Pakistani Designers, Lahore Designers
The flared “Monochrome Mania” Cape, exudes elegance for a casual yet dressed-up look!

The Stripes Effect

We believe the Stripes effect is allied to modernism and enhances our designs’ look, especially when draped with solid colors and the signature Reése gold studs. Therefore, the most coveted Reése designs are an amalgamation of “Geometric Black and White Stripes” – what we’d like to call the “Super-Stripes” for our brand. – Hina & Sana Irfan

Reese Fashion, Pakistani Designers, Pakistani fashion, Lahore Designers
“Oriental Desires” signifies the signature over-the-shoulder draped tunic. This is fringed with the signature Reése stud detailing, and tones from the skies and seas to add a pop of color

‘A symbolic Reése woman is fashion – forward and up to date with worldwide fashion trends. She yearns for a fusion of worldwide fashion that encompasses vibrant colours and designs.’

Reése kicked off as an idea, and developed into a successful brand, for which the enthusiastic duo works tirelessly, contributing to domains in which they excel to build this brand. This tireless effort, passion and disciplined work ethos is probably the secret to the label’s continued success. To learn more about Reése, follow them on Facebook here or their insta account here.


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