Ramazaan Recipes: Win a Prize!

May 1, 2018

Ramazaan is approaching fast and we want your recipes! Please send us your favourite Ramazaan recipes – Sehri or Iftari. (Even if you’re not fasting and even if you don’t observe Ramazaan BUT have a great recipe up your sleeve). Do send it in to: info@fuchsia.com.sg

And we will publish it online!

Ramazaan Recipes, Ramadan, Iftari, Iftar, Sehr, Sehri, Ramadan Recipes

The 5 Best Ramazaan Recipes

Will be tried and tasted by our FUCHSIA volunteers and the winning recipe will be awarded … yes … you guessed it … Online Shopping Vouchers $$$$
So where ever you are – London, Dubai, NY, Singapore, Toronto or even China, we’re waiting to hear from you!
Please note:
1. All recipes can be sent to info@fuchsia.com.sg
With the email subject – Ramzan Recipes
2. Please keep your instructions very specific so we can make it exactly as you want it. It will give you a winning chance
3. Please attach a high quality image with the recipe if you have one. 

4. We don’t really have a deadline but SOON would be good!

We have one for you to get you started! Click on the YouTube link to view how we made it! https://youtu.be/2uDVe6w8XVo

Ramazaan, Ramadan, recipes, Boondi, Cholay, Chaat, Dahi Boondi, Ramazaan Recipes
Boondi Cholay Chaat Mix

Want some more inspiration? Then get our Spicy Chicken Wraps Recipe Now!  Or if you’ re more of a Hummus lover, we have the perfect recipe for you. Try our Hummus with Fried Lamb or Beef, or just on its own! Also read 10 ways on how to make Ramazaan fun for kids! 

Ramazaan Recipes, Ramadan, Iftari, Iftar, Sehr, Sehri, Ramadan Recipes
Ramazaan Recipes: Win a Prize!

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