5 Ways to Rock Your Wedding like Deepika on Social Media!

By Shazia Habib
December 3, 2018

The Wedding Season Has Just Begun – Hashtag, Tweet and Post like Deepika, or any of your Fav Celebs! 

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While the world has all eyes set on celeb weddings this past year, we try hard to keep up with the trending hashtags! #meghanandharry #Virushka #DeepVeer and now #Nickyanka!

Destination weddings, designer dresses and penultimate receptions have us glued to our Insta/Facebook feeds to catch a first glimpse of the newly-weds in complete wedded glory. It all started with Anushka, and though, ‘next in line’ Meghan Markle is no desi, she commanded a fair amount of attention from our desi readers. All eyes waited with bated breath, to catch a first glimpse of her wedding gown as she tied the knot earlier this year with her gora prince.

There’s something about celeb weddings that’s just so romantic. From the moment she says: ‘Yes, I will marry you’, to the final, ‘I do’, or ‘Qabool hai’, the lives of the bride-to-be and groom are taken over by an unending list of guest lists, wedding plans and planners, venue selections, and last but not least, the carefully tailored social media updates that keep us all, the general public, informed, and entertained.

However, all this drama doesn’t have to be a ‘celebs only’ privilege. YOU CAN have it all too!

Weddings can be a whole lot of fun, romance, glam AND suspense, if only you plan ahead and BE the celebrity in your head! The power of social media definitely adds to the wedding planner’s thrill and allows you and your guests to relive special moments again, and again, and yet again! So take your cue from the celebs and play it right! If you’re planning to host a Watch party for your or a close friend or family member’s wedding, or if you’re part of the planning process, here are 5 things to learn from the celebs. Follow their lead and be a celeb for a day on social media!

1. Keep it Quiet – SHHHH

The most difficult task throughout the entire wedding shenanigans, is to keep it all quiet and secret, yet keep us all engaged. The wedding planners reveal bits and pieces of the story to tease us, and keep the interest alive. But they don’t let the cat out of the bag entirely till it’s really time. They leave us asking for more, and let our Insta feeds tell the rest of the ‘STORY’…yes, pun intended here😊

Meghan’s wedding dress was a closely guarded secret, so much so, that the girls themselves at Givenchy who worked on the embroidery weren’t aware of what or for whom they were making it for.

Priyanka’s gora wedding ensemble was designed by Ralph Lauren, yet 4 hours after the wedding ceremony, we’re yet to catch a glimpse of her attire.

Guests at both Deepika and Priyanka’s wedding ceremony had been requested to not use their phone cameras, since the first official pics must be tweeted by the bride and groom themselves. These first tweets are so priceless that they drive insta/fb feeds into viral-panic mode as bloggers and digital magazines grapple to catch the best and make the most of the (2 or 3 morsels) images handed out to them.

This carefully orchestrated social media strategy can be mimicked by none other than yours truly! And why not? Just make sure you have the tweets planned out in advance so all you have to do is click, copy, paste and … POST!

Wedding Tip Numero Uno: Now that you’re officially husband and wife, don’t forget to post together in synchronized unison!

Priyanka, Nick Jonas, celeb Weddings
#Nickyanka Post Wedding Tweets

2. Small Details don’t Cost Extra Money, but Go the Extra Mile

The secret lies in the small details. Hashtag your wedding among your close friends and family, or among all on the invite list. Plan a watch party, special invites and/or giveaways. This doesn’t mean splurging on expense, but rather, fine attention to detail. An online invite can be creatively designed. It can be a song, a poem, or a puzzle to reach the venue. Have fun, be original and add the wow-factor to a regular, humdrum wedding invite! Think out-of-the-box and come up with a plan together that is one-of-a-kind, interesting, and keeps your guests engaged, and waiting for more.

Wedding Tip Number 2: We give you a Free Wedding Hashtag Generator to get you started! 

3. Color Coordinate with your Leading Man to Hit the Right ‘Tones’

Deepika and Ranveer had it down to the last detail. They color coordinated Bronze and Cream shades at their first reception, and Red and Black at the Mumbai Reception with a stunning backdrop to match. The guests joined in the fun too, posing in their evening shaadi wear and giving the photographers a field day! Deepveer decided to honour their union by rendering a look that was ever-so-pleasing to the eye. This power couple literally had us checking our Insta feeds a zillion times a day, eagerly anticipating their next style statement.

Wedding Tip Number 3: Plan the backdrop to match you and your partner’s coordinated color choices. The rest will fall into place!

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Make a Statement with Color – Deepveer

Meghan and Harry color coordinated at the after party as they appeared in black and white to ride off into the sunset in their customized number-plated Jaguar, to match the reception date.

Meghan and Harry – After party reception


Priyanka, Nick
Nickyanka – Happily Ever After in Black & White

4. A Destination Wedding is the ‘IN’ thing, but you can ‘Go Local’ like Priyanka and Still Make it Special!

While Anushka and Deepika opted for destination weddings, Meghan, for obvious reasons, couldn’t. Priyanka decided to party in true Indian style with a 3-4 day lineup of events in India. Do note, in all fairness, that it WAS a destination wedding for the bride groom’s family though, who flew down from the States specially to join in the festivities. If you don’t have a budget for destinations, or even a grand Jodhpur or Buckingham venue, don’t worry, lavishness and opulence is easy to depict on social media. After all, there’s a reason why it’s called the ‘virtual world’ right?

Remember that attention to detail is key. Once your images are up on Insta and FB, any wedding can feel and look grand if the backdrop, color coordination and flowers and lighting are taken care of.

Wedding Tip Number 4: Take note that the first images released of these celeb couples focus on candid shots that capture the atmosphere more than the location!

Virushka Silhouettes – the most loved image from Italy with Love!

5. Don’t be a Bridezilla. Be a Deepika, or Anushka, or … You Get the Bigger ‘Picture’😉

Don’t lose sight of the BIG PICTURE! It’s the glow that lights up your face on your special day that means so much to you and your loved ones. The tiny details that seem so formidable and challenging at the onset, are just that – tiny details. Don’t get so caught up in the planning that you fail to connect with the moment.

Anushka and Virat had a last-minute scare as they shifted their wedding venue indoors due to weather conditions. But that didn’t put a damper on their spirits or take away the happy- bride glow from Anushka’s happily beaming countenance. First tweets posted by the newly-wed couples underline the love they felt for each other and the special bond they shared that made them decide to come together in the first place.

Deepika, Meghan, Anushka and Priyanka looked radiant, and so can you. Relax before your big day, go for a spa treatment, day out with friends or just chill at home. Remember to take a deep breath and smile! And if it rains, ask your groom to sweep you off your feet and carry you indoors, just to add to the drama – after all, it’s a moment you two will never forget!

Wedding Tip Number 5: The first wedding photographs shared are refreshingly unfiltered, untouched images that speak volumes. Don’t pose, just give the shot – a candid picture is worth a thousand words.

It’s your day, celebrate the moment and do remember to send us some photos, with a first tweet from the bride and groom. We hope that your special day is filled with as much love, wonder and beauty as all the celeb weddings of the season!

This article has been written as a tribute to all the brides and grooms to be in December/January 2018. The Desi wedding season has just begun, generate your #hashtags now and get started!😊

Relive your own Love Story by reading about this couple – true romance in today’s world is hard to find, but his story made us smile!




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