Style Alert 2019 -Wear What NO ONE Else is Wearing!

January 6, 2019
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Aren’t you just tired of wearing what might be worn by 5 other ladies at a gathering?

It’s great to buy clothes off the rack, but don’t you yearn to wear what NO ONE ELSE is wearing? This means a trip to the Home-based Designer’s home. The limited edition has a charm of its own. You can mix and match accessories, add a solid color, make a statement, be ORIGINAL (Anyone remember that word?) And, most importantly, wear what YOU love, rather than 10 other ladies who love it too!

Exclusivity is the name of the style game in 2019, or so we feel. Keeping this in mind, we looked beyond the big brands and labels to bring you something different, unique, and, yes … the catchword for 2019 – ORIGINAL!  In our quest to find one-of-a-kind accessories that offer value, design and the ‘WOW factor’ (that’s key after all), we came across three home-based designers.

This month we feature versatile scarves designed in bold prints, statement jewelry, and sassy shoes. We love the style attitude in these designs, and we think you will too! They not only make perfect gifts but also keep you stylish and chic without wearing what your best friend or neighbor might be wearing too!


We loved the funky and geometrical printed scarves from ZES. The designs are all hand-drawn, digitally painted and printed on fabric. They go well with solid colors, stripes and definitely add the ‘oomph’ factor when accessorized with your jackets.

You can contact them here to place a personalized order.

Sheeba Jewelry:

They produce handmade funky and eye-catching jewelry. The necklaces immediately caught our attention; something you will not find at exhibitions or in store – Statement pieces that definitely make great gifts and sure to turn a few heads whenever you decide to flaunt one of these!.

You can get in touch with them through their Instagram account by clicking here.

Burgundy Design House:

Reasonably priced and comfortable to wear, these two designs by Burgundy Design House are perfect for an everyday commute to any place. They will give you the style factor, yet let you go about your day without much fuss.

To buy these please contact the designer on Facebook here.


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