PE for Girls in Pakistan, Fem Games and Ebba Qureshi

March 22, 2019
1 minute

Fem Games with Ebba Qureshi


Ebba Qureshi, Fem Games

This month, we met up with Ebba Qureshi, wife of cricketer Azhar Mahmood. Listen to her talk about her latest initiative – Fem Games. She visited schools across Pakistan with a view to understanding the PE programs offered to girls. This was an eye opener as she realized most girls skipped PE lessons, or stayed back home the day they had PE. Fem Games is about restructuring PE and Sports Lessons for girls in Pakistan in order to build on self-esteem, long term growth and a healthy lifestyle. Find out what she discovered when she visited the parents of girls to inquire about PE lessons in school. Click on the video link to find out more:



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