Pakistani Actors Who Would Best Suit These Famous Characters

December 6, 2018
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From Pakistan to Mumbai, L.A

From time to time we come across characters on television and the big screen that we think would be played better by other actors. To take this a notch further, we at FUCHSIA decided to make things interesting by coming up with alternate Pakistani choices who could be best suited for some of the most loved Bollywood and Hollywood roles.

Fawad Khan

First up on our list is … of course, you guessed it … Fawad Khan! Our Pakistani hero bears the same killer looks, boyish charm and great physique to do all those breathtaking stunts Tom Cruise performs in the Mission Impossible series! We’re surprised why he hasn’t been offered a spy role already.

tom cruise - fawad khan
Fawad Khan – Tom Cruise

Sonya Hussyn

Well, this comparison hardly comes as a surprise. Sonya bears such a striking similarity to Priyanka that they could very easily play sisters. In addition to that, Sonya has already proven her mettle with challenging roles when she took up Nazo – a serial in which she played a mentally challenged young girl terrifically. PC, on the other hand, has won accolades for her portrayal of a special needs woman in Barfi!

priyanka chopra - Sonya Hussyn
Sonya Hussyn – Priyanka Chopra

Hamza Ali Abbasi

He has rugged looks and a voice that many men would kill for, plus his no-nonsense, angry-young-man demeanour makes him a perfect candidate for the role of Wolverine from X- Men. Maybe Marvel has already cast actors of Pakistani origin before, maybe next time they could sign someone actually from here?

hamza ali abbasi - Hugh jackman
Hamza Ali Abbasi – Hugh Jackman

Hania Aamir

Goofy, high-spirited and spontaneous…you know very well these words describe Jennifer Lawrence perfectly. And if that’s the case, our very own bubbly Hania is the splitting image of the Hollywood A-lister. From online posts to interviews, her wit knows no bounds. She has also played a fighter in her latest film Parwaaz Hai Junoon. Would it be wrong to say that she would totally fit the bill for the role of Katniss Everdeen if there were ever a Pakistani adaptation of Hunger Games?

jennifer lawrence - hania aamir
Hania Aamir – Jennifer Lawrence


Osman Khalid Butt

This one hardly needs any explanation. Even someone who wouldn’t know better would be able to see how much OKB resembles Edward Cullen from Twilight. They say if you look the part, half your job is done. What’s more is that OKB already has a crazy female following that would love to see him as a sparkling vampire…err okay, maybe we could modify the sparkle part.

osman khalid butt - robert pattinson
Osman Khalid Butt – Robert Pattinson

Ayeza Khan

Before you throw your hands in the air, humour us for a minute. We love the legacy of Nargis as much as you do, but think about it – if there is anyone who could attempt the powerfully diverse roles that she did, it is Ayeza. She is as beautiful and innocent in melodramatic roles as she is feisty in quick-witted characters. She is a superbly talented actress that we would definitely like to see in a role like Nargis played in Chori Chori, of a spoilt, pampered rich girl who runs away from home. Ayeza already has some experience of playing that in serial Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai.

nargis dutt - ayeza khan
Nargis Dutt – Ayeza Khan

Imran Abbas

Good looks – check. Expressions to die for – check. Coloured eyes – a bonus. Most importantly, Imran crooning a tune can melt any lady. Need we say more? Remake or not, Imran definitely needs to get his own show where he can serenade us through our television screens all day long.

zac effron - imran abbas
Zac Efron – Imran Abbas

Sajal Aly

The most obvious similarity between Sajal and Hermoine from Harry potter is that they look absolutely angelic but can just as easily turn into a pillar of strength on which others around them can rely on. Sajal is known to play many strong characters that have shaken us to the core, while Hermione has given us many unforgettable lessons over the years, too.

emma watson - Sajal Aly
Emma Watson – Sajal Aly

Ali Rehman Khan

You have to agree that, whether by default or on purpose, Ali has the same arrogance in his expressions, voice and body language that Robert Downey Jr. does and we are so crazy about! It is for this reason that the former would be an amazing fit for the Iron Man role, as we feel he can play a sarcastic genius very well.

Ali Rehman – Robert Downey Jr.

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