Pakistan Aaey Aur YEH Na Kiya? – 12 Things You Can’t NOT Do in Pakistan!

By Annie Kamran
December 19, 2018
1 minute

 Take Our 12 Things To Do in Pakistan Challenge!

12 Things to do in Pakistan is not just a list. It is a formula, a mantra, a motto to live by! For all the Pakistanis living abroad, this one’s for you! How many times have you missed Pakistan and being back home, or even felt that missing “Pakistaniyat factor” sorely?

It can be small things like the desi sassta food or even the luxury of having your hair styled whilst you leave your kids with your in-laws. We’ve come up with some of the most relatable and relishable things all Pakistanis do when they return to their “sohni dharti”. Now that you’re back on desi soil, don’t wait too long, your 12 things are waiting to be done and dusted before it’s time to fly back! So get ready to embrace your Pakistaniyat. Can you cover all 12 things in one trip?  1,2,3 Let’s GO!



1.Pakistan Aaey aur Blow Dry and Pedicure nahi karaya?


2. Pakistan Aaey aur Galli ki Chaat and Gol Gappay nahi khaey?


3. Pakistan Aaey aur Lawn nahi khareedi?


4. Pakistan Aaey aur Late Night Movie plan nahi banaya?


5. Pakistan Aaey aur Aik Haftay Mein 10 Daawatein nahi khaeen?


6. Pakistan Aaey aur Shopping kartay 200 rupay kum nahi karaey?


7. Pakistan Aaey aur Choorhiyan nahi Khareedeen?


8. Pakistan Aaey aur Chai Waalay per Chai nahi pi ?


9. Pakistan Aaey aur Halwa Poori ka Naashta nahi kiya?


10. Pakistan Aaey aur 5 kilo Weight nahi barhaya?


11. Pakistan Aaey aur Pait Kharaab nahi hua?

12. Pakistan Aaey aur 10 rishtedaaron se naseehat nahi suni?

If you have more on your list, let us know what we’ve missed out and we’ll add them to our Top Things to Do in Pakistan for your next trip here! Can you take our 10 Things in 10 Days Challenge? Head right here to find out!


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Annie holds a Masters Degree in Advertising from Iqra University, Pakistan. She has worked in the field of Graphic Design and Content Management. Annie wants to travel the world, learn how to ride the motor bike and trek. She loves painting and secretly wishes she were Harry Potter! She dreams of living in the country side, climbing mountains, and break the norms for women one day!

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