“OUR PEOPLE – OUR HOME”…. Independence Celebration

By Farah Haq
August 2, 2014

 Independence Day Celebrations Across Asia

How often, the human does not truly appreciate what he has until he risks losing it.

As many of us leave our country of origin to seek out new lives elsewhere, we find ourselves struggling to maintain our identities, roots and heritage. Having left home, we first strive to understand who we were born as, brought up as, and then attempt to have it fuse with who we are today, in our new environment and culture.

Knowing that home is where the heart is, we find, suddenly, that our hearts are in more than one place. We find, suddenly, that we have more than one home.

As our beautiful city Singapore celebrates Independence, FUCHSIA finds that our celebrations are doubled, tripled, quadrupled by Independence Days of Pakistan and India following closely behind, on 14 and 15 August, respectively.

And what better way to celebrate our unique identities than through our youth, and the future of our countries.

“Born Free” 

The innocent and carefree nature of youth cannot be contained or concealed.  Nimah, Devina and Alyssa form friendships that not only celebrate diversity and difference but also appreciate the beauty of individual identities.

Pakistan Independence Day, Independence Day, 14th. August

Indian Independence Day, Independence Days, 15th. August

Singapore Independence Day, Independence Days, 9th. August


“The Future Belongs to Us” 

Singapore gives every opportunity for Nimah, Devina and Alyssa to live, work and play freely, despite their varying ethnic backgrounds. Nothing holds them back from being bold and successful in building their own future, as well as the future of their countries.

“Creativity & Confidence” 

Nimah, Devina, and Alyssa express their nationalism creatively, wearing it with both a sense of pride and camaraderie. It is on the shoulders of our creative and confident youth that our countries find themselves bolstered.

Models: Nimah Quadri, Devina & Alyssa


About Farah Haq

“Farah’s flair for photography and her understanding of social media is vital in FUCHSIA’s function as an online magazine in a digital media age. Her in-depth association with the entertainment and fashion industries of Pakistan creates a wealth of PR and communication opportunities, keeping FUCHSIA coverage current and up-to-date. She aspires for FUCHSIA to produce top-notch multimedia content with an expertise in the entire range of mediums, and have an undeniable online presence in terms of both visibility and audience engagement.”

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