On The Spot with Laal Kabootar

March 23, 2019
1 minute

Laal Kabootar is out and getting rave reviews! Mansha Pasha and Ahmed Ali Akbar have delivered stellar performances and as Karachiites plan to watch the film in cinemas this Pakistan day, catch up with our hero and heroine in a quick on the spot moment. Mansha answers with savvy, tongue-in-cheek responses while Ahmed Ali Akbar surprises us with his keen observations! Have you watched the movie yet? Catch the cast in action now! And find out who is able to surprise us with qyuick witted answers on the spot. Who is late on the sets, and who knows more about Karachi, and who takes longer to get dressed. Who has used public transport and who knows the old name for Karachi? And Laal kabootar? What about Laal kabootar? Can they answer our questions  in just under 2 minutes? And what do they have to say? Find out this and more as you listen to your favourite celebs on the spot NOW. Click on the video to listen in:




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