Nappily Ever After – A Tale Of A Woman And Her Hair

By Kinza Peracha
September 23, 2018

Nappily Ever After – Haifaa al-Mansour’s latest masterpiece is not just a phenomenal tale of romance but also brings creativity to the table for all the viewers.


Netflix’s ‘Nappily Ever After’ stars Sanaa Lathan (Violet) who’s a high maintenance, career-oriented successful woman. A woman who just doesn’t let her hair down (pun intended). Throughout the tale, Violet’s hair is a source of power, grief, determination, and despair; everyone from Violet’s boyfriend, Clint (Ricky Whittle), to her mother, Paulette (Lynn Whitfield), sees it as an extension not only of her self-control but of her value.

Desperate for a proposal from her long-term boyfriend, Violet plans a perfect day to dress up, have flawlessly straight hair and look downright stunning on her birthday dinner. However, the story takes a swift turn when Violet gets a Chihuahua instead of an engagement ring. She breaks things off, gets drunk, and shaves her head.

Why should you watch Nappily Ever After:

The entire plot revolves around accepting yourself exactly the way you are, and who you are. Once Violet realizes that she has been living in a bubble where everything had to be ‘perfect’, she quits her job, drops her OCD habits and falls for a humble, scruffy hairdresser who accepts her exactly how she is. After all, there’s nothing more intimate than knowing someone sees and appreciates your natural beauty. It’s enough to make your toes curl tighter than your tresses! This ‘hairy-tale’ is all about worrying less about your appearance and more about who you are and your capabilities.  You must own your flaws and under no circumstances pity yourself!

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Our verdict:

We see the struggles of a woman who lives with straight flawless hair, hair extensions, a shaved head, and little hair growth. Today, women are gaga over endless hair treatments to make their hair straighter and easily manageable. But what we forget is, that there is a difference between choice and obligation.

The movie flaunts women empowerment and that’s exactly what we need!

“Nappily Ever After” is currently available on Netflix, and IMDb has rated it a good 6.6/10. The movie can be watched at a girls night where you can have some laughs. So grab your popcorn and ‘let your hair down’…literally! ( Watch the movie and you’ll know what we mean).

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