Don’t Miss These 9 Hotspots in Karachi this December

By Rabia Mughni
December 14, 2017

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Are you headed for Karachi soon? I’m sure your list of ‘What to Eat, what to buy and where to go to in Karachi is probably unending. And the challenge to accomplish everything in the breezy, shaadi-filled, December break is posing to be a ‘challenge’ already! However, we’ve decided to add to the adventure by adding to your list. In addition to the Hot ‘n Spicy Kebab Rolls, Kolachi at Do Darya, Chop Chop Wok and Tooso, we give you the ultimate list of NEW places where you can eat, shop, and have fun till-you-drop … only because, what is Karachi without the hungama of trying out the best, the newest, the trendiest, the yummiest and the hottest hot-spots in town! Brace yourself folks, and grab your smartphones to locate these places as we give you the inside news on where to visit, eat and play in Karachi this December. The question is: Can you do all 9 this winter? After all, Karachi isn’t Karachi without a challenge, right? So then, what’re you waiting for? Ready, set, GO! Your time starts NOW!

1. Ridan House Of Mandi

Mandi is the latest craze in Karachi these days, so it has to be your must-try ‘new flavour’ of the month. Mandi is an Arabic dish, made with rice, meat (lamb or chicken), and a mix of spices. the meat is cooked in a tandoor (Taboon in Arabic), which usually comprises of a hole dug into the ground, lined with clay. There are several new restaurants serving Mandi in Karachi, but Ridan House Of Mandi seems to be the most popular one and has fast become one of the must-go eateries in Karachi. It is family and pocket-friendly. Visit this December and discover why the Mandi craze is taking the over the city!

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Mnadi served at ridan house of mandi

2. Chapter 2 By Khaadi

Attention all Khaadi lovers living abroad, Chapter 2 by Khaadi opened late in the  summer of 2017. It offers handwoven fabrics in solid colours, minimal embroidery, block and screen prints, and hand-dyed classics. If you’re looking for trendy cuts, organic fabrics and an affordable price tag, this stop should feature on top of your shopping list

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clothes at chapter 2 by khaadiclothes at chapter 2 by khaadi3. Jucy Lucy

After being a sell-out success at Karachi Eat Festival for two consecutive years, Jucy Lucy burgers now have their very own cosy, funky restaurant. Jucy Lucy’s claim to fame are their cheese-filled, char-grilled meat burgers. The burgers feature Gouda cheese as the star ingredient. Given its huge success at Karachi Eat Festival, we believe it’s one of THE must-visit burger joints in Karachi this December. Especially if you have kids, who live on fast-food. So move over Hanifia and One Potato Two Potato, there’s a new burger in town! Burgers cost Rs.650/- and above, hot dogs cost Rs.450/- and above.

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4. Hanifia

Speaking of Hanifia, we’ve heard it’s not their burgers you want now, but their sandwiches! Yes, if you’re in the mood to grab a quick bite or a midnight snack, and not up for the Qorma, sheermal or biryani, then swing by at Hanifia’s for a variety of hot and spicy sandwiches. Featuring hunter beef, hunter chicken, club sandwich, to name a few. Their website offers online orders upto 1 am.

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places to go to in karachi5. FLOC – For The Love Of Coffee

Offering nitro coffee and interesting blends such as Banoffee Frappe, Nitro-Butterscotch and Banana-Strawberry-Yoghurt Frappe, FLOC is the new place to hang out on Zamzama. And if you’re looking for something more than just coffee and desserts, FLOC also offers a complete breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. This seems to be the go-to hangout place for those late nights, after-dinner hangouts with cousins or friends. FLOC features high on our list of must-go hot spots to visit in Karachi this December.

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nitro coffee at FLOCFrappe at FLOC6. Loco

This Tapas Bar and Restaurant serves up Spanish and Latin cuisine which looks and tastes absolutely divine. The restaurant has developed a loyal clientele, despite the shortage of seating capacity (the place is small, we kid you not, with just 5-6 tables in the entire restaurant), Loco is running up long queues as customers line up to be served and pre-book much in advance! Budget-wise, it’s slightly heavy on the pocket.

Recommended dishes: Grilled, Garlic Shrimps in Chilli oil and Yellowfin Tuna served upon Seaweed Tacos. The Churros aren’t too bad either when dipped in that warm chocolate sauce!

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7. Lush Crush

Lush Crush on Khayaban-e-Bukhari offers artisanal, natural-fruit Ice Pops. The ice pops are available in milk-based and fruit-based flavours. You might want to try Pomegranita Ice Pop, which is made from ripe, juicy Kandahaari Anaar, to add that extra chill to the Karachi winters. It’s a small eatery, so perhaps it can squeeze in as a quick treat for the little ones or a takeaway on your way back from dinner or shopping. Add this to your list, especially if you’ve left the children at home with your mom, or mom in law, for that much needed retail therapy – a great treat to bring back home for the entire family!

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8. Evergreen Cafe

The first healthy food cafe after N’eco’s –  Evergreen is winning hearts and appetites of Karachiites with its healthy, low-fat, organic, yet wholesome and flavourful food creations. So when you can’t handle the guilt of eating too much Halva Puri, fully-loaded Nihari and Gaajar Ka Halva, pay a visit to Evergreen. Eat healthy at one of the newest health cafes in Karachi. Their Keto-friendly menu is also a work in progress.


This December doesn’t have to be all about food! The first ever Virtual Reality Entertainment Arcade of its kind is now open at ‘The Place Mall’, in Karachi. Now you can ski, be a space pirate or fight aliens, all in a span of minutes with a hard-to-forget virtual reality experience. It’s definitely fun-and-games for the entire family. Ideal for a cousins or friends hangout – for all the hard work you put in throughout the year, now you deserve to play hard at TRANSFINITY!

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virtual reality gaminggames at transfinity

And if 9 Hotspots weren’t enough for you, we have still more must-try places for you to keep the Karachi scene ‘happy and happening’. Take a look at some more of these FUCHSIA favourites to keep the party going!

Pi Social

Pi Social is the first of its kind Board Game Lounge in Pakistan. They stock over 100 games at the venue. With a range of hot and cold beverages, shakes, smoothies and more on offer, you’re definitely spoilt for choice here! So go spend a lazy afternoon and play with friends, family or cousins. If Chai wala isn’t your ‘cup of tea’ anymore ( yes, pun intended here), then a good ol’ game of LUDO or Pictionary is just what you need to recharge your batteries in the daytime while you contemplate that Mehndi get together in the evening! And if you decide to skip that Mehndi altogether, Pi Social also offers a picturesque dining area – Veranda, where you can enjoy a hearty meal amidst the natural greenery.

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Dreamworld Resort, Hotel & Golf Course

While Dreamworld is definitely not a new addition to Karachi’s entertainment scene, it’s definitely worth a day-visit with your family, especially in the refreshing Karachi winters! Dreamworld offers over 200 activities for the entire family. This includes Water Slides, Horse Riding, Rove Racer Go Karts, Bowling, Bungee Trampoline, 4 Wheel Bikes, ATV Scooters and Desert Safari, to name a few. So if you want to let loose some adrenalin this December, then we recommend a day trip to Dreamworld. There’s something for everyone in the family.

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Disclaimer “These recommendations are based on community suggestions and recent popularity. None of the FUCHSIA members has visited these places themselves”



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