MUSHK – The Fragrance Of Love

By Mona Wahid
October 27, 2017

Mushk, a production of Olomopolo was performed nationwide in Pakistan, this October. The show comprises of 2 characters, played by veteran Stage and TV actresses Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha. 

The play is a dialogue between an eccentric, proud and reclusive author, Sofia Noor (Nimra), and a seemingly candid and unvarnished journalist, Zoay Kabir (Sania), who was granted an interview by Sofia after writing her latest book. Zoay believes that the book is not a work of fiction but actually, Sofia’s biography. What starts off as harmless banter between the two, soon develops into a saga of love, lies, truths and pain that has connected both their lives for years on end. It’s the scent that has enveloped them, unknowingly, tying them together in a bond that can only be understood by them, alone. 

The play, written by Raabia Qadir Zia and Seemal Numan, and directed by Kanwal Khoosat, was pure perfection, keeping the audience enthralled waiting for the next twist and turn. Both actresses gave a stellar performance but Nimra Bucha had such magnetism and charisma on stage that the eye rarely wandered off from her. Having said that, the chemistry between the 2 actresses was unparalleled. 

1:The characters’ journey through the story and their connection with each other will keep you constantly immersed and at the edge of your seats

2:The performance by our veteran actors Sania Saeed and Nirma Bucha is breathtaking and a true representation of the excellence of Pakistani Theatre

3:The attention to detail and heart put into the designing of the production – set, lights, sound, costume – creates an ambience to absorb the audience into the story, completely

The production house had taken great pains with the set, leaving the audience in awe with its great attention to detail. The constantly changing weather, depiction of heavy rainfall, transformation of evening to night, entrance to a house on a hill and the well-timed and appropriate music, added much refinement to an already intense and engrossing plot. 

Like ‘Mushk’, or scent, the slow unveiling of complexities of the two characters and their journey through the story, cannot be described in words. It needs to be felt like a fragrance.

Photography credit: Hasham Sajid


About Mona Wahid

Mona Wahid holds a Bachelors Degree in Law and Political science. She runs a Facebook group called "Reader's Lounge" and is also the moderator of her Islamabad-based book club. Mona is an avid reader and a mother of 3.