Muniba Mazari

By Rabia Mughni And Farah Haq
June 23, 2017

When Farah walked in, I had just logged onto Skype for the scheduled interview call. I ran to the kitchen to make tea for her, and on impulse, made myself a cup too, despite not being a tea-drinker. This cup of tea was my saving grace over the next hour or so. Every month, FUCHSIA’s personal story touches me. This month’s story made me tear up repeatedly – at times because I was so inspired, at times ashamed of my complaints and at times overwhelmed by the determination of a woman that seems to have no boundaries.

FUCHSIA is honoured to bring to you Muniba Mazari’s story, in her own words.


About Rabia Mughni And Farah Haq

Rabia founded FUCHSIA in 2013 with the help of a passionate, determined and aspiring team. She holds a Master in Business Administration with a Marketing Major from IBA, Pakistan. At FUCHSIA, Rabia oversees the Marketing and Public Relations work. She is also part of the Editing Team in conceptualising articles and monthly issues. Farah is one of the pioneers of Team FUCHSIA and feels deep pride for her work with the magazine. Her role at FUCHSIA involves the overall coordination of the Fashion segment, and she is also FUCHSIA’s official photographer. Her fashion consultancy and expertise allows her to put together a relevant, informative and interesting Fashion segment monthly, with the support of Team FUCHSIA. She also co-ordinates the logistics of events for FUCHSIA.