Mission Impossible Review: Fallout OR Does Tom Cruise Not Age???

By Madeeha Ansari
July 30, 2018


Mission Impossible Review: Fallout OR How Does Tom Cruise Not Age


Review of Mission Impossible

The first Mission Impossible was released 22 years ago. Yes, 22 years! Tom Cruise has been running off buildings, climbing mountains, chasing cars, riding motorcycles and enacting crazy stunts for 22 years. The man is 56 years old and you would think that in Hollywood, his days might be numbered. But this movie rides and shines on the pure movie star charisma of Tom Cruise. He is a true, old-world Hollywood star.

The Plot

Yet again, the world is threatened by a terrorist organization that is out to destroy the current world system. Multiple connections with the last Mission Impossible makes this the truest sequel in the franchise. If you’re planning to watch it, then I suggest you jog your Mission Impossible memory and watch MI: 5 just to help you understand all the players in the movie.  From the get go, the movie promises to be frivolous and fun.

Once again, Ethan Hunt and his team are backed into a corner. They have to pull off the impossible and ensure that they survive, somehow. The overall premise of the story is fairly straightforward. The fun is trying to see how Ethan and the team attempt to outwit and outlast the villain. The last hour alone is pure, non-stop action. I love movies that make the big moves quick, and don’t drag things out. Mission: Impossible – Fallout does just that.

Star of the movie is tom cruise

tom cruise star power

The Star Power that is Tom Cruise

The strength of this movie is Tom Cruise. The sheer amount of running this man does in the movie is ridiculous and veers towards the amusing. He runs and runs and runs. And even though it seems so ridiculous, you’ll still watch it, riveted. You tend to disregard Cruise’s age as you wonder at the sheer determination of the man to prove to the world that he still has it. And boy does he!

Stunts that Stun

The infamous scene where Cruise breaks his ankle is included in the actual movie. The man runs off a building, jumps to the next, breaks his ankle and STILL manages to pull himself up and run out of the shot.

Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames are back again to round off the team and provide wit and humour to the script. The pair perfectly compliment Cruise and in fact, Fallout may go down as the funniest Mission Impossible of the series. Rebecca Ferguson is back from Rogue Nation and fits in well. Her story also comes full circle in this movie. Henry Cavill and his mustache are also front and center. Unfortunately, Henry Cavill’s face is fun to look at, but his acting skills still leave a lot to be desired. He doesn’t really have commanding presence, which is unfortunate as he plays an integral role.

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The Take-Away Scene

The cinematography and the action sequences are shot beautifully. The action choreography is slick and stylish – some of the best in recent times. One skydiving is particularly memorable and quite a spectacle.

But my favourite scene in the movie is the adrenaline-pumping helicopter chase. First of all, the setting is supposed to be Kashmir (but it’s actually New Zealand). The backdrop is gorgeous and I have never quite seen a chase like this. Even though it’s supposed to be Indian-occupied Kashmir, it’s refreshing to see Pakistan mentioned in a movie sans the terrorist label.

action sequence

The fact that the visual effects have been brought to life by our very own Laraib Atta Esakhelvi is the cherry on top! Every Pakistani relates to that feeling – to witness Pakistani women come into their own and shine such a positive light on our nation. Kudos to her for participating in a Mission Impossible venture, and doing so with a sheer talent and brilliance that made us proud!

My husband walked out giving the movie a 6/10. He is a hard man to please. For me, it’s a solid 8! I mean, what’s not to like? Tom Cruise, spellbinding locations, thrilling action sequences and a plot to bolster it all up. The is a must-watch for all Tom Cruise fans who want to see him back at the top of his game.

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