Meg D. Ki Karaari Baatein

By Meghna Dua
May 9, 2015

Don’t judge me; I am as innocent and dumb (did I say dumb, I meant dum-daar) as the stars I am going to talk about. Join me. Meg D., as I click them, tick them and ultimately pick on them in my tryst of joining the Bollywood bandwagon. Maybe just a dot – but all the dots together make up the sky.

Bollywood is a place where dreams are made and broken every day, a place where the healing properties of good laughter are most needed. Hence, my karaari baatein column where I can add a little humour to Bollywood.


Vidya & Kangana on Collision Course

Apni dhamaakaydaar actresses Kangana Ranaut and Vidya Balan are on a collision course, and it is NOT weight-wise. Their movies Tanu weds Manu Part 2 vs Humaari Adhoori Kahaani are both releasing on 12 June 2015. So let’s weight! and watch (oops!) who is gonna be on a roll (sorry Vidya, not a cinnabon roll) but on a roll to make moolah!

Believe me, guys, these two are touted to be the next big movies of the year. Woman’s empowerment, hurray!

Blockbuster Khan and his Blockbuster Fans

Blockbuster Khan, Salman, gets bail, and 5-year sentence is suspended! Since Mr Khan’s verdict, thousands of his fans have stood vigil outside his Galaxy apartment in Mumbai, praying for him to get bail. Even across the border in Pakistan, his verdict was top story!


In July 1982, Amitabh Bachchan’s accident on the sets of Coolie had Pakistani newspaper Jang printing daily updates on Big B. May 2015, Salman Khan’s case; all news channels are covering it extensively too. Such is the junoon of his stardom, that apparently, the local Pakistani version of Salman Khan in Sialkot is camping at a Sialkoti jail. A video on shows him declaring that he cannot roam free as his hero serves a jail sentence. However, the local Sialkoti police is unable to take him in, as he is just a “jazbaati naujawaan jo paanch minute mein theek ho jaeyga”. No melodrama at all, it is what it is. The Pakistanis love Indian cinema.

So … found guilty of running over homeless on the streets … granted bail with bond of Rs 30,000 … surrender of passport … “Being Human” pays off, eh?

Some Have It All … National Awards

The National Awards were announced at the Indian capital, and 2 ladies who (cat)-walked away with them were Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut – apni desi fashionistas. Honestly this could be a start of a beautiful friendship (really?! Beautiful friendship among Bollywood actresses??)

Priyanka Chopra was recognized for Best Popular Film providing wholesome entertainment (kabhi kabhi hota hai yeh haal) in Mary Kom, and Kangana Ranaut for Best Actress in Queen. All credit to the women of India!


Deepika Padukone Talks About Depression

With her contemporaries getting all the attention in the world, Deepika came out of the closet telling us about her tryst to fight with one of the most hidden disorders in the industry and the country, depression. In an environment of stigma, Deepika went on air telling us all about her journey, such that even if her sharing saves one person’s life, helps one person, she finds it worth all her effort. Kudos to such an actress, who decided reel life is not more important than real life.

She is planning to open a medical centre in the country to deal with such issues. This gives me faith that beauty can come with brains and a glamorous but golden heart.

Virat Kohli and Anoushka Sharma, Clean Bowled


The World Cup came through all its trials and tribulations, and in the midst of it all emerged the new-age romance of Virat Kohli (Vice Captain, Indian cricket team) and Anoushka Sharma (Bollywood actress and India’s very own Shakira). ‘Tis always good fun to see a glamorous diva blowing kisses towards a sports ground, believe me, surely it is a motivating factor to our men in blue.

And if they can play well, then who cares who is blowing kisses where?

Bollywood Belles Have a Date with Cannes

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor keep their dates with Cannes, as Katrina Kaif is the latest addition to the guest list. The more the merrier, it seems!

Who would like to see the three of them do an item number to set this French Riviera on fire? Great minds think alike!

Epic Moment for Sholay in Pakistan 

Sholay has its legion of fans, including the Pakistani generation that grew up watching Indian movies on VCR when they were illegal to screen in Pakistan. This cult film and the characters of Jai, Veeru and Gabbar are etched in the memories and hearts of these Pakistani fans; which is why its release in Pakistan 40 years after its making is indeed an epic moment.

I wonder, if there was a Pakistani remake of Sholay, who would play which role? Do think about this, as I dream about Mr Fawad Khan as Jai (originally Amitabh Bachchan), and Mahira Khan as his love interest. I have the most original title for a Pakistani remake – we could call it Sholay Gulzar Hai.

Movie Review: Gabbar

Kaalia … kitnay aadmi thay?

Sarkar, houseful! 

With this iconic dialogue we can make out how well the movie, Gabbar, has done. It has made nearly Rs.50 crores in 4 days alone – superb acting and great songs carried the movie on their shoulders. The script was a little weak, but when you have our Punjab da putar, Akshay Kumar as protagonist, all is well! 

Akshay Kumar plays the titular character in the Krish directed film, while Shruti Hassan plays his love interest, with a very special appearance by Kareena Kapoor. 

The moral of the film’s story is that if justice is not served out by the law, then it will be served by the people.

Movie Review: Piku

A warm, charming and bittersweet family drama, Piku is a totally unique and magnificently original movie experience. An experience aided by the remarkably superb star cast of Amitabh Bachchan, Irfan Khan and Deepika Padukone.

PIKU is the story of a cranky old Bengali widower with a lot of issues, including a very serious bowel problem. As if his architect daughter’s life is not busy enough, her father wreaks havoc in her every waking hour. Still she takes it in her stride. This amazingly crazy relationship between the two makes the movie an absolute must-watch. 

Characters with toilet difficulties are seldom made in the Indian industry. It seems Bollywood can come up with non-stinky crap too! A very brave attempt by the filmmaker. Such unique scripts should be applauded.

My karaari thoughts on these karaari baatein are not meant to last you a lifetime, but rather, just a month. On this note, Meg D. signs off with the thought that “all that glitters is not gold”, dedicating this month’s feature to our very own superwoman, Deepika Padukone, and her coming out.

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