By Falak Amaar Khan
November 12, 2018

Mario Dedivanovic – A Masterclass to Remember

The mother of all makeup masterclasses by none other than the legend himself took place in Sydney, Australia on the 3rd of November.

Mario Dedivanovic, Makeup masterclass
Masterclass by Mario Dedivanovic


When I first heard about it, sitting all the way in Singapore I had a major, “I wish” moment. I clicked on the “Book Tickets” tab on the Masterclass Instagram account and swiped through the seats, but then went back to browsing new makeup and fashion trends as I do. However, I kept coming across pics of other masterclasses held by Mario, his makeup looks on Kim Kardashian, and popular bloggers and influencers trying to recreate his looks to some extent.

Every time the masterclass crossed my mind, I repeated this process several times a day for a good few weeks with conversations of “Sydney isn’t that far” or “but it’s just a weekend” with my friends and husband, and on some occasions even with myself. The thought that there might be a possibility, or when I felt like I really, really wanted to go, literally made my heart skip a beat. And then I would talk myself out of it worrying about leaving the kids behind in Singapore and travelling 8 hours all the way to another country.

Until one fine, beautiful morning my phone rang and my husband asked me to check if there were any seats available for the class? And lo and behold – there were literally a couple of seats left in the VIP section and at that instance, I actually DID proceed to the “Purchase your tickets” section while my husband booked our flights and hotels.


Time flew between bouts of excitement and making arrangements for the children, till the day arrived when I was to fly out to Sydney. With butterflies in my stomach, I headed to the airport with my husband. Once we landed, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my masterclass tickets. We left our luggage at the hotel and thank God I applied some makeup as we headed to the Roslyn Packer Theatre. Just as I was being handed my tickets, I noticed someone very familiar.

He had his back towards me but when you follow someone for that long on TV, Instagram and YouTube, you kind of recognise people from behind, or I hope that’s the case. Well anyway, I did. It WAS Mario Dedivanovic – it all happened in a split second!

“Mario” I blurted out! Somewhat surprised to see him there, not sure why! He left what he was doing and like a true gentleman with no airs about him proceeded towards us. I asked to take a picture, told him how big a fan I was, informed him I had just flown in from Singapore partially because I looked like I had and although he had too, (he didn’t look it)! I left the box office half jumping, half floating and trying not to scream with excitement!

If I wasn’t super impressed with this man as it is, he added to the glory by liking my post on Instagram about “bumping into Mario a day before the class” It was truly awesome! He didn’t have to do that? But he did.

Mario Dedivanovic
Falak Amaar Khan with Mario Dedivanovic – A Dream Come True. Instagram Image @falak.amaar


Fast-forwarding to D-Day, I walked back into the Roslyn Packer theatre where over 800 people, mostly women were queuing up in their respective categories. Everyone was smiling and talking to each other regardless of not knowing each other from before People were taking pictures with Mario’s standee, in front of the masterclass backdrop, outside with the life-size posters and anywhere it said ‘The Masterclass’! The organisers were handing out notebooks and pens for us to take notes and the buzz was unbelievable!

There were people from all over Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, and Dubai and there I was feeling so special for flying out all that way. People love Mario and there is more to it than him being the best of the best! It’s how he conducts the masterclass.

Mario stepped onto the stage amidst sounds of cheers, claps and applause. The crowd chanted his name as a very powerful smoke machine added to the drama. Once it all settled down and he began the masterclass, there was constant learning, laughter and love throughout!

Makeup Tips, Mario Dedivanovic
Mario Dedivanovic on Stage – Makeup Tips


As Mario shared his makeup techniques with us, he answered every single question with a detailed response or a joke to crack us up. What is the one thing that has stayed with me from the many things he taught us?  “Turn someone into the most beautiful version of themselves”

Mario shared his thought process with us as he went back and forth creating a piece of art. It was like being inside his head. He said what he was going to fix or enhance, then he asked us what we would like to go with, and then he explained each step in such great detail that we couldn’t take our eyes off the model’s face or put our pens down! He gave his 110% to his students.

Well it’s day 10 and I’m still tidying up my notes and wondering: how much can a person teach in a day that no matter how much I write, there is more. I can’t wait to start practicing and applying what I have learnt, especially the dewy looking glass skin.

Makeup Tips, Mario Dedivanovic
Mario Dedivanovic – Makeup Tips

From exactly which primer to which brush to his go-to mascara and tips and tricks which were so awesome that we would gasp, he did not hold back. Mario Dedivanovic  genuinely wanted each and every one of us to benefit from the masterclass as much as possible. This man does not cut corners!

He spoke of his struggles, his growth, Kim Kardashian (because we insisted), and said something so profound as he guided us through various instances on life:

“In order to evolve, don’t keep doing the same thing”.

The best make up tip – well I possibly can’t say there was only ONE, but it’s the most common mistake we make – “Contouring everywhere”! He told us not to do that and he showed us why!


Once the class was over, we queued up to take pictures with Mario, who, after being on his feet the entire day and severely jet-lagged, stood there for another couple of hours and took selfies and pictures with over 700 students. Not once did he make anyone feel small, rushed or unimportant!

In fact, towards the end of the class, he addressed us all and said: “I am no one, I am like you all, my signature isn’t significant” He was down-to-earth, humble and respectful. We need more professionals like him in this day and age.

Speaking of amazing people, I have to mention the sister who tirelessly organised this event and many other masterclasses before these to perfection. Standing to one side was Marina Dedivanovic. She was busy with event proceedings when I walked up to her to commend her on the beyond-amazing masterclass she had put together. We took pics, had a lovely chat and left feeling even more humbled by the experience.

Marina Dedivanovic, Makeup Masterclass
Falak Amaar Khan with Marina Dedivanovic


And then … I was handed the massive, “hand-carry-on-a-plane sized” bag of goodies! It was insane! The bag contained full-sized items from Huda Beauty, Laura Mercier, Kopari Beauty, Elemis, Kryolan, Lashed Co., Anastasia Beverley Hills, Beauty Blender, Benefit, Mecca Maxima, Morphe, It Cosmetics, Tarte, NYX, Kiehl’s to name a few!! No I’m not kidding. This wasn’t just ANY goody bag. I was like a child with a sack of my favourite candy on Halloween!

Mario Dedivanovic Masterclass Takeaway – The Goody Bag


This masterclass is not only worth the travel, time and effort because of the techniques we learnt, it was the organisation of the event, (hats off to Marina once again), the warmth of the people around, the humility and sincerity with which Mario runs the masterclass and how they make it all about US! Each of felt like a star on the red carpet that night and walked out with goodies and a certification of completion we will hold close to our hearts till it is framed up on the wall to look at everyday – a reminder of the lessons learnt from Mario – about how to look beautiful inside out!

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