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January 3, 2019
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LUSTRE – Silver Jewelry and Gemstones at Affordable Prices

Visit the online store or make an appointment to visit Lustre at their studio in Singapore. Wedding? Birthday? Interview? An accessory to rock your jeans and a white tee? Sometimes a good piece of jewelry is all you need. Discover Lustre today!


Lustre was founded by self-taught designer Anaita Thakkar, whose love for gemstones stems from her childhood days growing up in Bombay. Specializing in handcrafted, affordable pieces of jewelry made with unique semi-precious gemstones and crafted by gifted artisans in ateliers around the world, Lustre’s timeless jewelry collections are inspired by Anaita’s passion for travel and nature.

Each piece is made in limited quantities – and no collection is ever repeated. Her designs embody inspiration, confidence, and creativity for the modern woman, rather than slavishly following the latest trends. Lustre prides itself in embracing uncompromising quality whilst staying well below the $300 price tag, truly mirroring the tag “affordable luxury”.



Born in India where yellow gold has been the fashion statement for centuries, Anaita Thakkar had a contemporary and rebellious love for gemstones and silver jewelry. At the time, gemstones and silver were mostly worn by students and bohemians, but Anaita knew they had greater appeal.

When she moved to Singapore and started a family, she found that while there were many brands that sold costume or crystal jewelry at inflated rates, none offered handmade, all-natural gemstone jewelry at pocket-friendly prices.

Anaita set out to create Singapore’s first brand that not only prides itself on staying within the $300 price tag but embraces uncompromising quality. Keeping her commitment to modest pricing and low overheads, Anaita chose an online presence rather than bricks-and-mortar. Although you will find her at local pop-ups in Singapore and Hong Kong. A self-taught designer, Anaita gives herself free-reign to break the rules and embrace her creativity. As a result, Lustre jewelry is classic yet completely original. After designing each piece, she works directly with the silversmiths to ensure their quality. She personally wears and tests every prototype to see if it pokes, scratches or needs any adjustments. Only when they are perfected does she have them produced in extremely limited quantities, fulfilling her vision of providing luxury products at modest prices.



This collection promises a range of ever-changing designs which embody the glamour and glitz of contemporary India.


Two years in the making, this ultra-chic capsule jewelry collection comprises 12 eye-catchingly contemporary designs including three necklaces, five sets of earrings, one cuff and four rings, all of which showcase a breathtakingly beautiful array of semi-precious gemstones in black and white set in sleek rhodium-plated base metal.


Fun, playful and perfect for layering pieces that go well with feminine and flirty looks. Great pieces to travel and party with.


The permanent stalwarts at Lustre of ever-changing designs and collections – These pieces are discreet, easy and timeless. You’ll find yourself reaching for them time and again. Available in 2 finishes and 10 gemstones, there’s something for everyone out here.


Designed with rippling waves and undulating water in mind, this collection is a thematic one. Crafted in Shagreen sterling silver and real gemstones.


The Raw collection strives to keep gemstones in as organic and natural a state as possible. Very often simple, but always striking. Most of these pieces are feminine yet fierce in their perfect juxtaposition of rough edges, and feminine shapes.


Big, bold, fun and bright – happy pieces that transition seasons and add a gorgeous pop of color to whatever you’re wearing. Pieces designed to layer for drama or wear alone for to create a stand-alone statement.


Characterised by large gemstones, set in thoroughly contemporary settings, this is their most luxe collection. Uber – Designating a person or thing that exceeds the norms or limits of its kind or class. Rani – A Queen or Princess; the wife of a Raja or King.


Curls. Tendrils. Leaves.

Inspired by the lush foliage in our tropical paradise. Lovingly handcrafted in multi-hued Sapphires, and gold-plated sterling silver. Every piece carefully hand-forged, with each stone carefully selected to form a delightful gradient of colors.

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