January 12, 2019
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“I wish he succeeds in governing the country like he succeeded in sports” – Luis Figo on Imran Khan

It is hard to promote soccer in a country that goes crazy when they hear the word ‘Cricket’ (and no, we’re not talking about Pak-India rivalry)! Well, Luis Figo and Ricardo Kaka want Pakistanis to switch their cricket madness to soccer. They are here in Pakistan to promote the World Soccer Stars tour. Though Pakistani passport is listed as one of the 5 worst passports in the world, Real Madrid doesn’t think so and they are here as proof that we are a nation that loves its sports (we even have an ex-cricketer as our Prime Minister!).

Being true to the tradition of welcoming the guests, Pakistanis are going rightfully crazy over the news. Here are 5 priceless moments captured in images to indicate all the fun Luis Figo & Ricardo Kaka are having in our country.

1.Welcome With Open Arms And Ajrak!

Luis Figo and Ricardo Kaka landed in Karachi and he was welcomed with the traditional Sindhi Ajrak and epitome of utmost respect toward our guests. Ajrak is known as the “sacred cloth of Sindh” and it is the height of respect that can be showered upon our esteemed guests.

Luis Figo and Ricardo Kaka in Pakistan
Image Credit: Pakistan Today

2. Meeting With Pakistan Football Captain Saddam Hussain

Another glorious moment of Luis Figo and Ricardo Kaka’s trip to Pakistan includes meeting with the captain of the National Football Team (boy they look excited!).  Promoting soccer in Pakistan involves teaming up with the local bodies and shaking hand with our national team captain and they seem to be enjoying it A LOT!

Image Credit: NDTV

3. Talking About PM Imran Khan

Seems like everyone is obsessed with our Prime Minister and Luis Figo is no exception. Answering a reporter about Pakistan having a cricketer as PM, he stated that:

“I wish he succeeds in governing the country like he succeeded in sports”

Can Soccer rules the hearts of a Cricket Crazy nation?                                                          (Photo: AFP/Asif Hassan)

4. Luis Figo Was Genuinely Shocked!

Pakistan the country, and its people are almost always negatively portrayed by the international media. This comes as a shock to the celebrities, sportsmen or women, and anyone who visits Pakistan for the first time. These views are also shared by Luis Figo as reflected by his statement:

“Whenever I heard about Pakistan, it seemed like a distant place. My impression about Pakistan was mostly from the news. Pakistan is a very different country from what it is in the news. I see a country that loves football, cares for people and I will take back a very good image of Pakistan”.

Ali Zafar poses with Figo and Kaka Image Credit: Dunya News

5. Finally A Ray Of Hope!

Luis Figo’s trip to Pakistan is all about reigniting the flame of hope and portraying a positive picture of Pakistan all across the globe.

“We are here to launch this event … and this is the opportunity to open some football schools here in the country to help the kids and football in general.”[

And Luis Figo Tweeted about his Pakistan trip – “Thks Pakistan … We will be back in April!”

The promotion of Football and other sports in Pakistan will be the collective effort of government bodies, coaches, facilities, and players. Real Madrid World soccer stars are proving the negative reports about Pakistan wrong and the country needs to play its part in the journey to highlight the positive. Hope this year we will find some soccer stars in the making!


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