By Falak Amaar Khan
January 7, 2019
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The Golden Globes – Here’s What You Missed!

The Golden Globes took place yesterday at the Beverly Hilton, California and kicked off the award season for 2019! Also, we witnessed some breathtakingly, beautiful Red Carpet looks and some that knocked the wind out of our chests by being SO outrageous that we had to rewind, look again and wonder why.

There were also some stars that didn’t shine too brightly and I don’t mean in an award- winning way. Here is a list of our best, not so great and down right “what were you thinking”? looks from the Golden Globes 2019.


Julia Roberts

She looked effortlessly chic in a Stella McCartney dress paired with crisp black trousers and Chopard jewels. As much as there is speculation on whether this was Golden Globes worthy attire, we are absolute loving it.

Julia Roberts, Golden Globes
Julia Roberts at The Golden Globes 2019

Gemma Chan

If she wasn’t classy enough in “Crazy Rich Asians”, Gemma has once again set the bar high in style. Dressed in Valentino couture, Forevermark Diamonds and Christian Louboutin shoes, she looks like a million dollars.

Gemma Chan, Golden Globes 2019
Gemma Chan at The Golden Globes 2019

Lady Gaga

She is lady Gaga and she HAS to make a statement. Which she did. Wearing a Maison Valentino periwinkle gown and Tiffany & Co. jewelry, she looks like a fairy-tale princess. We need a unicorn in the picture.

Lady Gaga, Golden Globes 2019
Lady Gaga at The Golden Globes 2019


Emma Stone

Emma’s stylist needs to see the bigger picture. Just because its Louis Vuitton, doesn’t mean its right! The fish scale pattern is making our OCD kick in as we wonder why the pattern is sitting so awfully disjointed.

Emma Stone, Golden Globes 2019
Emma Stone at The Golden Globes 2019

Nicole Kidman

Nicole kept it sleek, simple and surprisingly boring in a Michael Kors Collection dress and Platinum by Harry Winston jewels. Not only do we feel like this dress is made of the same material as spider man’s costumes, its doing nothing for her or for us! Even that bag isn’t adding any jazz to it.

Nicole Kidman, Golden Globes 2019
Nicole Kidman at The Golden Globes 2019

Judy Greer

Dear Judy, please take your suit to Cara Delevinge’s designer and ask them to alter it so you too can rock it. Or ask Alberta Ferretti to try at least. And don’t forget to hem the trousers 4 inches short please.

Judy Greer, Golden Globes 2019
Judy Greer at The Golden Globes 2019


Billy Porter

Billy’s in a cloak suit kinda attire and we are lost! What is going on with that look? I mean I want to look and then I want to look away and erase that image from my mind! Billy, next time try a plain suit maybe?

Billy Porter, Golden Globes 2019
Billy Porter at The Golden Globes 2019

Joanna Newsom

Please pay attention to the eye candy on your arm and then at the heart that is popping out of your Rodarte dress! Why? Please say that was an accident and a vintage cushion got stuck to your dress that was not removable!

Joanna Newsom, Golden Globes 2019
Joanna Newsom at The Golden Globes 2019

Timothee Chalamet

He wore Louis Vuitton to the Golden Globes and I’m sure they ran short of fabric. Apparently it’s supposed to be a bedazzled harness but we still don’t get it. I mean, is this a cross between a bib and the window holes at ticket stations?

Timothee Chalamet, Golden Globes 2019
Timothee Chalamet at The Golden Globes 2019

All images sourced from: Getty Images

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