The Life and Times of Jacket: The Accessory

October 6, 2017

Come Autumn-Winter and Jackets become the most sought-after accessory in your wardrobe. Wear them right and flaunt the look like never before!

Autumn/winter has its own charm of warm drinks, dry fruits, cool weather and the wardrobe that comes with it. We all love to air out the winter clothes or hit the shops to buy the latest trends and that’s exactly what we did! As our eyes fell upon all those trendy jackets on display we couldn’t help ourselves but pick a few and style them for the seasons ahead. Jackets are so versatile, that they can be adorned regardless of colour, age or figure! For those of you who don’t quite experience the wintery climates where you live, the malls suffice with their cooling temperatures for you to rock these trends.

Styling By:  Falak Amaar Khan

Photography:  Saher Hashmi

Models:  Farah Haq, Zahra Khanum


When you’re meeting up with a friend for a casual coffee on a cool autumn afternoon, pair up your favourite Bomber jackets with a neutral top and figure hugging denim for a chic yet casual look. You can go all out by donning long boots for a more snug effect.


You can tweak the trend with this timeless tweed jacket by going smart casual or workwear formal. Paired with ripped jeans and a white top, the Jacket accessorised the look while paired with white bottoms and a formal more striking blue blouse, the Tweed transforms into an elegant addition to the attire.


What we love about this light weight jacket is the fun element to it. It spells out the season to you on a ‘not so cold’ day as the cool white and denim duo is finished with a tinge of warmth.


This one is a show stopper, the one that will make heads turn, and the one you will never let go of. It’s a keeper! There a hundreds of ways you could carry this blazer but we added a pop of colour and killer boots for a look that will make you stand out in the crowds.


So this trend isn’t for everyone, but if you can make it work for you, then you have hit the jackpot with this jacket. An asymmetrical high low which accentuates the hips (so we would recommend this on slimmer hips and slender thighs) but is trendy beyond words.

You can go all back with a statement piece or wear it with brighter colours for the back to stand apart. When worn zipped up, it gives a glamorous look and a fantastic fit. But if you fancy wearing a long dangly necklace or a string of pearls, a front open look is equally striking.


When simple needs to be transformed into striking for an after-work-do, this jumpsuit (or an all-black top and trousers) can be glamorised by this cropped jacket which is basic enough to pass as workwear but can be jazzed up with a bit of accessorising. We threw in a matching black clutch with gold edgings similar to the jacket and a subtle yet eye catching neck piece to bring the outfit together.


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