Let Me Love You, Like I Light You

By Saher Rida Hashmi
October 4, 2017

We’re all aware that keeping up with the latest trends of the 21st Century requires pressing the refresh button of our mind everyday. But that’s just us–the consumers of the market. What about businesses? To stay on top of their game and interesting in the market, businesses have to constantly re-invent themselves.

That is exactly what ‘I Light You’ did. They brought invention to a whole new level with the creation of what they call a ‘Light Bulb Drink’. This drink is the perfect combination of a healthy drink, attractive ingredients and trendy packaging.

We met up with the brains behind the beauty of the Light Bulb Drink and here’s what she had to say!

Megan : ‘While I was pursuing my degree in Psychology, I came across a topic which stated that colours affect people’s moods. For instance, people who face everything in a single shade of grey tend to get lethargic overtime. Singapore, being such a hectic nation, causes its citizens to always be stressed in terms of work and school. So, I was wondering how can I bring colour to the lives of people.’

I Light You is co-owned by two beauty queens who are strong believers in healthy living and the importance of maintaining good skin in their lifestyle. So as not to compromise on that belief, they ensure the use of organic fruit purée to give a natural colour and flavour to their products. While they’re aware their drinks are slightly pricey, the organic goodness in their beautiful beverages might be worth the price tag.

Their signature drink in yellow is pineapple flavoured. Although that may not be the first choice for most people, FUCHSIA gave it a try and we were thoroughly impressed by how good and refreshing the drink was!

Megan : ‘Yellow is also the colour to make one happy. It helps to strengthen one’s nerves. If you feel like you’re going to burst with negative emotion, yellow helps you gain positivity and look at the bright side instead.’

Their drinks exist in 2 forms–a small round bottle that contains the drink on its own but with the addition of edible glitter, and the drink mixed with their signature Blue Tea.

Megan : ‘Blue is a famous colour for being cool, usually helps in communication. It also helps in inner peace.’

And cool it was, as we were about to find out soon! The latter was served as a Light Bulb Drink with an LED light attached to the bottle at the bottom. This drink also comes with a unicorn-shaped macaroon attached to a straw, filled with chocolate ganache–needless to say, for a while there, we were completely blown away and you will be too!

The price of the drink is $5.90 for both but charges for the LED light and the unicorn macaroon are additional for the big drink coming up to approximately $8.

The LED lights can switch on and off, lasting approximately 24 hours. The bottles have a take-away option as well; perfect for children or the young at heart, brave enough to reuse the bottles as water bottles on an everyday basis.

We found the purée slightly diluted in the drink, but that didn’t discount the refreshing sensation we felt drinking it. We were more distracted by the beauty of the vessel that contained the drink. The small bottle reminded us of Harry Potter’s enchantment as we were mesmerized by how the glitter was engulfed by the movement of the drink within the bottle. You can’t taste the glitter in the drink, however, it is there purely for effect.

I Light You is not halal certified, but its products are alcohol-free. It is found in the basement of 313@Somerset at Orchard road, nestled amongst the many small cafés and restaurants–address at the end of the article!

VERDICT: We recommend these magical light bulb drinks as a definite one-time try for all. So the next time you’re at Orchard, head on down to I Light You for your go-to refreshment stopover!

Stay tuned to FUCHSIA to see the video footage of our visit to I Light You!

Address: #B3-42 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, 238895


About Saher Rida Hashmi

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