KHAADI Unveiled a New Range of Fragrances and We’re Loving Them!

By Rabia Mughni
April 12, 2019
3 minutes

KHAADI Pakistan Launched a New Range of Fragrances and This Is What We Think Of Them!


In the past few years, many brands have launched makeup and perfumes in Pakistan. While makeup still manages to get our attention and meet international standards, fragrances is an area where the local brands have been struggling. That’s why when we received an exclusive invite for the launch of Khaadi’s new fragrance range we went with limited expectations. 


Khaadi Home, Khaadi Khaas and Khaadi Pret are already game changers in the home decor, formal and casual women’s wear industry in Pakistan – and the brand gained strength rapidly across the country as well as internationally. The label remains unchallenged  to date with its extremely wearable range and constant innovation in women’s wear and in store presentation. Khaadi Pakistan has become one of the most loved brands in Pakistan. This explains why, although our expectations were low, we were curious to experience the new range and discover if the innovation and attention to quality had rubbed off on the perfumes department as well!

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So Did They Impress Us?

 We are glad to state that we finally have our very own brand of local fragrances that can compare with most international brands in terms of scent and packaging. Our favourites are the body mist bottles. The packaging is perky, young and refreshing. It totally makes you want to buy one. The packaging is appealing and the perfume bottles are also elegant to behold, giving the feel of expensive, quality perfumes. The scents range from strong, musky, floral and sweet – a varied selection to pick the one you love best.


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The brand revealed its new range of fragrances for Spring-Summer in collaboration with acclaimed Spanish perfumer Salvador Montesinos, the Managing Partner in The Parfum Atelier. The Parfum Atelier is a state-of-the-art private label that manufactures and produces a range of Perfumery and Cosmetic products. The company is based in Spain and has a global network of sales and distribution. While talking to us, Salvador Montesinos explained that he has developed these fragrances keeping in mind, the high temperatures in Pakistan, and these will last for up to 12 hours. Taking inspiration from Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage, the new range provides a modern twist to traditional Pakistani fragrance preferences.

So here are the fragrances unveiled by Khaadi for the Spring-Summer Collection and this is what we thought of them!

Serene is about White Gardenia and Rose. This one has a strong, heady scent – ideal for dinners and formal affairs. If you’re planning a black dress, or sari with your 6 inch heels, you’re all set to turn heads with Serene. Btw it does not carry that typical rose (y) scent … just in case you are aversive to it.


Serene, Khaadi perfumes


Bittersweet is most probably our fav so far. A refreshing blend of pear, orange, and pink pepper; it carries a tangy scent. Casual, every day wear is what comes to mind when you wear this one. A quick dash to the grocery store, relaxing salon visit or a trip to your dentist, this can be your go-to fragrance for all occasions.


Bittersweet, Khaadi, Khaadi Perfumes


Dazzle on the other hand came off as a bit too local (desi) for us – more like strong Ittar. So if you are looking for a floral ittar-like scent, but not too strong, and blended with another fragrance, then this is it.


Dazzle, Khaadi, Khaadi perfumes


Rare is light and bit on the floral side. Maybe it will go well with a Lawn jora at a tea party or maybe at a friends’ meetup at home. Something you need to freshen up, yet keep it subtle.


Rare, Khaadi, Khadi perfumes


Radiance is all about the fruity scent lover in you!  Wear it with your fav white shirt and a pair of blue jeans in summer and you’re rocking the sun in all its glory! If you plan a lunch date with friends or that special someone, when you want to make a carefree, ‘casual but can’t miss me’ statement, then go for this.


Radiance, Khaadi, Khaadi perfumes


There you have it – our summer love is heading towards Khaadi. The new collection will be available nationwide in all Khaadi stores, and also online at  from 10th April 2019. The perfume range offers 19 new fragrances subdivided into eau de parfum premium, eau de parfum mid-tier and body mists. Khaki’s new collection is priced between PKR 950/- and PKR 4,000/-  Happy shopping and do tell us which one you’re wearing this weekend! 



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