By Falak Amaar Khan
January 28, 2019
2 minutes


So lately K-JO has been filling up our Insta feed with images of him posing in high-end western designer wear. Why? That perhaps only he can answer, but “how does it look”? Well, we have mixed emotions about Karan Johar’s Fashion Choices and this is why!

Firstly, Nikita Jaisinghani who is a celebrity stylist is responsible for most of the looks so actually, it’s not entirely to Karan’s credit or his fault for the way he looks.

And secondly, just because he is K-JO and he can’t go wrong – let’s not forget ADHM!

So here are the few Karan Johar looks that made us scroll up to look again, make sure these are for real, and then put this little write up together to hear what you have go to say?

K-JO in Edward Crutchley

This is the latest one so let’s begin scrutinizing … ahem I mean analyzing this first.

Karan Johar

So is this how you dress up for the #worldeconomicforum2019? Or was it confused with a WWF conference because it is certainly sending across a very confused message. Bare bummed horses, naked people and reptiles; all in one big, fat jacket over a pinstriped suit and a turtle neck to hold it all together. Either I have lost my marbles or trend-setting has really lost the plot!


Okay, so the thing is, those are neon stripes for:

a) When you’re riding a bike at night and you don’t want to get hit or

b) When you’re working at an airport, railway, highway and need to wear high visibility clothing or

c) When you’re a teenager trying to make a statement.

Remember you are KARAN JOHAR! Everyone knows you anyway. You don’t need people to “notice” you!

Waisay bhi achhay khaasay jacket ko barbaad tau kar hi diya hai … saath hi the clashing mustard inner and that pose  … man that pose isn’t doing anything for your personality or our style inspos!

K-JO in Dolce & Gabbana

I mean, Dolce & Gabbana has soooooo many amazing designs and your inspiration was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”? I mean you’re good looking and all but we can’t get our heads around this suit! Was it a ‘glow in the dark’ event at NASA? Or did you take the line, “Karan Johar holds all the stars very close to him” too literally? Or was this the last piece and you had to wear D&G?

Karan JoharAnd then to soften the blow “both ways”, there are some looks which we dig. And here they are!

Hey that’s my Zara’s Jacket … but you look pretty all right in it so rakh lo!

Karan Johar

Inspired by Harry Potter Eh?! … but chale ga nahin, Urray ga!

MAN IN BLACK  … and slaying it.

To round it up. Karan Johar, we love your films, but there are hits and there are misses. We love Koffee with Karan, but there are hits and there are misses. We love your sense of Style … But there are more misses than hits …let’s try and get this right in 2019?




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